Holiday Tips Twitter Chat; and Samsung TV and Digital Signage Contest

This remainder of October and into November remains a hectic time for small business events.  Join us Tuesday evening, October 28th at 8 pm Eastern for a Twitter chat about preparing your small business for the vacation season and preserving your sanity within the process.

And don’t forget to take a look at the Samsung business television and digital signage makeover.  Lucky winners could get the impressive new Samsung television designed for commercial use, that comes with the flexibility to create and display digital signs.  Awesome!

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Holiday Boot Camp Twitter Chat

Online at – October 28, 2014

Join us on for fun discussion and to share your secret tips for purchasing your biz prepped for the vacation season.

Fab prizes for best tips! 8 to 9 pm Eastern time, October 28th.  To take part the discussion, mark your calendar for the day and time.  Then visit Twitter and look for the Hashtag # SMBHolidayPrep  to see what others are saying.  To take part to the discussion, simply use that hashtag for your tweets in the course of the appointed hour.

Hashtag: # SMBHolidayPrep

Samsung ReDesign Smart Signage TV Makeover
Online – through November 5, 2014 Samsung ReDesign TV and Smart Signage Makeover

Nominate what you are promoting to win a wise Signage TV makeover. The Smart Signage TV includes a wonderful Samsung television designed especially for business usage, that incorporates a software application that you would be able to use to create electronic signs to display at the screen. Use it landscape or portrait mode to display beautiful, bright electronic signs. Over 200 signage templates can be found.

Complete the entry form addressing the ensuing: “Help! I’m wanting a signage makeover” and in (100 words or less) indicate why your enterprise needs a signage makeover.   Enter contest here .

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From Our Community: eCommerce Trends, Operations Advice

Running an eCommerce business may be complicated. There are such a lot of different tools and trends to take care of with that allows you to remain successful. However the experts in our small business community have a number of helpful the way to offer ecommerce businesses, together with many other varieties of businesses.

Read on for a whole list of small business tips and resources on this week’s Small Business Trends community news and knowledge roundup.

Use Apple Pay for eCommerce Business

(Marketing Land)

Apple just launched Apple Pay, its mobile payment system for stores and businesses. However the system could mean changes for online businesses to boot. During this post, Jordan Elkind explains what the system could mean for online marketers.

Make Use of eCommerce Trends


The eCommerce industry is consistently evolving. So if you happen to run an eCommerce business, it’s important to take care of with the hot trends and tools. Here, Sudeep Banerjee shares many of the eCommerce trends that could help your corporation in 2015 and beyond. See more discussion of eCommerce trends  at the BizSugar community.

Use These Merchandising Strategies to Drive Online Retail Conversions

(Bigcommerce Blog)

If you run an eCommerce business, then you definitely already know the significance of merchandising. Though merchandising can take many alternative forms, its purpose is especially to drive conversions. This post from Angelica Valentine includes five merchandising strategies you should use to just do that.

Get Organized Before 2015


The new year could be here faster than you suspect. In order that means now’s the time to attempt and get organized before the whole chaos of the vacations ensues. Here, Nellie Akalp offers some tips and proposals for a way to get your online business organized before 2015.

Avoid These Junk mail Flubs

(Small Business Marketing Tools)

Direct mail can still be a superior marketing tactic, reckoning on your small business and audience. But there are some mistakes you can also make along with your unsolicited mail efforts that may cause them to less effective. This post from Joy Gendusa includes three of the largest junk mail mistakes that may be costly in your business. You possibly can read further discussion of this topic within the BizSugar community.

Use GIFs on your Marketing Campaigns

(Wax Marketing)

GIFs are sometimes viewed as fun little accents included in online posts. But animated GIFs can actually serve a marketing purpose in addition. On this post , Bonnie Harris shares some tips for using animated GIFs in various varieties of marketing campaigns.

Banish Writer’s Block

(Scott’s Marketplace)

From blogging to sending marketing emails, you likely write numerous content on your business. So writer’s block can become a difficulty. Luckily, Matt Simpson shares four inquiries to help inspire timely content on this post. See more discussion at the topic within the BizSugar community.

Don’t Scare Away Readers

(Self Publishing Advisor)

Self-published books became a good option not only for pro writers, but additionally for any sort of entrepreneur. However, you’ll have the desire to make sure your writing doesn’t scare away potential readers. 0 This post 0 from Jodee Thayer includes most of the common mistakes that self-published writers make and tells you ways to prevent them.

Narrow Down Your Franchise Options

(Franchise Direct)

There are such a lot of different franchise opportunities available in the market. So if you’re trying to find a brand new venture, it is difficult to settle on only one. But 1 this post 1 from Holly Brochard includes some tips you need to use to narrow down your choices. Then 2 look at 2 further discussion in this topic within the BizSugar community.

Get Your Team to Work Together

(Corporate Coach Group)

To run an efficient business, you should have a team that works well together. If you’re having issues in that area, Chris Farmer has some 3 strategies you need to use 3 to enhance your company’s teamwork. Here’s more discussion at the 4 importance of teamwork 4 inside the BizSugar community.

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6 News 6 Photo via Shutterstock

Read “Hooked” and Learn how to Build Habit-Forming Services and products

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Makes a Cope with a “Shark”

13 year old entrepreneur

At an age when most children can be puzzling over the subsequent new online game, Noah Cahoon, 13, was taking into account how you can expand his father-son business, Paper Box Pilots .

Recently, Cahoon was featured at the ABC pitch show, Shark Tank , where he was offered $35,000 for an entire half the business from Kevin O’Leary , a superstar within the toy industry. And O’Leary was not the one shark to bite.

Since childhood, Noah Cahoon and his entrepreneur father, Brian, have created decals for cardboard box planes as entertainment for Noah after which for his younger brother, Milo.

They decided last year to start printing and selling the decals, offering Brian Cahoon the business venture he’d always craved, in addition to the chance to show his son in regards to the business world. At the official Paper Box Pilots website, Noah Cahoon explains :

“We thought it’d be a good option to bring the stickers back to life.  Not only did we print some for Milo but we decided it might be really useful to get them professionally printed and offer them online so other kids could enjoy our airplanes. Dad has always desired to start a business and now that I’m the right age we found something lets do together.”

13 year old entrepreneur
The venture have been an excellent experience for both father and son, giving Brian Cahoon a opportunity to follow his entrepreneurial interests while his Noah Cahoon is supplied with an exquisite business education.

But in step with Brian Cahoon, Noah is fascinated by every sale and design aspect of the corporate and, in lots of ways, is the company’s true leader.  On Shark Tank, the 2 asked for 25 percent equity in exchange for $35,000 and mentorship to assist accelerate the compamy’s growth.

In the tip, three ‘sharks’ jumped on the opportunity. One, obviously, was O’Leary, who has made deals with huge brands like Mattel Toy Company before. Another was investor Robert Herjavec , who proposed $50,000 for half Cahoon’s company in keeping with O’Leary’s offer. Finally, investor Barbara Corcoran chimed in, offering $35,000 for a 35 percent stake.
13 year old entrepreneur
Thirteen year old Noah was left to make the verdict on his own, acting as full CEO of the business while his father waited at the sidelines. After three offers were placed on the table, Brain checked out his son and said:

“You’re the CEO, and it’s ultimately your decision.”

In the top, Cahoon chose experience over money, taking the $35,000 from O’Leary in exchange for his knowledge of the industry and stunning the alternative sharks. Cahoon explained that ultimately O’Leary’s connections and expertise have been the deciding factors. Not a nasty decision for a 13-year-old CEO!

13 year old entrepreneur

Meanwhile, Cahoon has many plans within the pipeline for his company. Paper Box Pilots has already expanded into making stickers for cardboard box race cars and fire engines. And the corporate also has plans to launch a line of pre-made box toys soon.

Images: Paper Box Pilots

Groupon Introduces Pages, Google Rolls Out Penguin Update

This week, online deals service Groupon introduced a brand new feature called “Pages.” The brand new feature is analogous to Yelp in that it gives businesses a web space where they are able to display information and make allowance visitors to depart feedback. And that wasn’t the sole online update within the business world this week. Google also rolled out a brand new version of Google Penguin, which decreases search engine rankings for sites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Online Marketing

Groupon Introduces “Pages” Akin to Yelp – Sort Of

Groupon looks taking a page from the Yelp playbook introducing Groupon Pages . The brand new feature is another effort by the corporate to transport clear of its online coupon origins by providing more comprehensive services to small businesses.

The Flightless Bird Sets Sail, Google Penguin 3.0 Update Launched

It’s been nearly three hundred and sixty five days since Google has launched a Penguin update. Such a lot of saw this highly anticipated change coming. Officially announced Friday by Google on Search Engine Land, Penguin 3.0 is in full swing and has gotten us all talking. Penguin updates always aim to eliminate spam on the net, so we must always see some major changes soon.

16 Killer Places to Market Your App Besides Google

Developers of the app “Disconnect Mobile” have made big news lately, and never within the usual way. Google banned the app — twice — from the Google Play app store. (Though ultimately glance, it sort of feels to was reinstated again.) Disconnect Mobile prevents anyone from tracking or putting malware on a user’s device. And that comes with advertisers — hence Google’s displeasure .


Has the Recession Crushed SMB Owners’ Spirits for Good?

Are small business owners giving up? According to a up to date poll by Wells Fargo and Gallup, despite the fact that small business owners generally report being satisfied with their businesses, fewer of them feel successful than at another time prior to now 10 years.

Sole Proprietors’ Use of the house Office Tax Deduction is falling

While a massive fraction of U.S. businesses are home-based, few small business owners cash in on the home office tax deduction , Internal Revenue Service (IRS) statistics show.


Citrix Acquires E-Signature Company RightSignature

Citrix has acquired RightSignature, an e-signature company.  RightSignature is a web based software platform for getting digital signatures on electronic documents equivalent to contracts. The move is smart for Citrix, because its ShareFile application contains cloud file sharing and document storage.

Social Media

It Can be a Crime to Post Your Ballot on Twitter (And Other Voting Laws)

Did you already know that during the State of Ohio, this is a felony to post an image of your completed ballot on a social media site like Twitter or Facebook before you mail it in?  You might imagine of it as innocent sharing, but in accordance with the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio laws that predate social media make it against the law .

Business Gifts

Have a Techie on your Life? Hip Tablet Gift Ideas For 2014

Tablets are a modern piece of technology and are just continuing to grow in popularity. This popularity also makes a tablet a highly desirable gift to provide, but with a sea of options it’s not the best task to pick out the proper one. There are various things to contemplate when selecting a tablet ; price, power, and contours to call a number of.

Food and Craft Gift Ideas to your Business

There is an ever growing community of crafters, makers, and foodies worldwide. And there’s also an ever growing demand for the original products they bring. Likelihood is a number of your partners, customers, clients and employees  are among these creative connoisseurs .

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Home Inspection Franchise Saves Couple From Bankruptcy

Tom and Tracey Capuano went from being at the verge of filing for bankruptcy to thriving in a brand new business in barely over a decade. Inside the late 90’s, Tom’s heating and aircon business was failing. The couple was struggling to maintain their home and other assets. So that they looked into starting a different sort of business .

Mobile Technology

Nexus 9 Can be an Android Rival for iPad

Google and HTC are challenging Apple’s iconic iPad with a brand new Android tablet in their own. The 8.9-inch Nexus 9 may be available starting on Nov. 3. The display size makes the recent device just slightly larger than the comparable iPad Air 2 and its predecessor the iPad. The recent device is the newest in a growing line of 0 Nexus tablets 0 and smartphones, alike.

The iPad Air 2 is sort of a Tablet on a Diet, Thinnest Ever

The new iPad Air 2 recently unveiled by Apple is truly thin. How thin? So thin it’s 18 percent thinner than it predecessor, iPad Air, itself the successor to the unique iPad mobile tablet. It’s so thin Apple is really touting it because the thinnest iPad on the earth. Seriously, 1 iPad Air 2 1 is sort of a tablet on a diet.

The Oppo Phone Camera Can’t Miss, it Swivels 260 Degrees

The new oppo N3 phone has a camera that can’t miss. That’s since it can swivel 2 260 degrees 2 and Oppo is hoping its new N3 phablet is a genuine head turner. Actually, it’s much more likely that the Oppo N3’s own head will turn while creating better photo opportunities for you. The corporate has released several images of its new plus-sized phablet.

Nexus 6 Could Compete with iPhone 6 Plus, Other Phablets

Motorola’s Nexus 6 code named Shamu has finally surfaced and seems likely competition to the iPhone 6 Plus and other popular phablets. The 3 Nexus 6 3 encompasses a full 6-inch quad-HD display. That’s a half-inch larger than the brand new iPhone 6 Plus. That screen size also matches the size of the Nokia Lumia 1520 and outclasses the display of the Galaxy Note 4 at just 5.7-inches.

New Motorola Droid Turbo Phone Has Pro Camera And Wireless Charging

Forget Shamu-sized screens. The most recent Motorola is related to have a camera that strays into pro territory. And if that’s not enough, the brand new 4 Droid Turbo 4 is thought to be built with wireless (Qi) charging. a contemporary tweet by famed tech leaker Evan Blass of @evleaks gives us our first investigate the recent device. Motorola is attempting to make a dash within the hyper-competitive smartphone market.

New Xperia Smartphone Batteries Will Last For Days

The more we depend on smartphones for more and more tasks, the more it taxes the battery on our devices. That’s why it’s always ideal to take a charger if you’ve got a hectic day planned. To reply, many smartphone makers are touting the vitality in their new 5 phones’ batteries 5 .
6 Maintaining with mobile 6 image via Shutterstock

Reclaim Your Passion with Content: RebelMouse Founder Gives Preview to Small Business Summit Talk

passion Take a moment to think back to the primary time you obtain the assumption on your business. Recall that ‘aha!’ moment, and trace it forward, remembering the emotions of pleasure and intensity that motivated you despite the difficulties. Would you like to recapture and reclaim that keenness so it may possibly push you forward again?

Then it’s time to register for the 9th Annual Small Business Summit ! At the Summit, which happens on October 22 in Ny city, you’ll be surrounded by small business owners who’re doing a similar – reclaiming the spirit that drove them to begin a business within the first place.


In addition to networking with like-minded individuals, you’ll also get tips from business experts, like Paul Berry, the CEO and founding father of Rebel Mouse . Rebel Mouse is a social publishing platform that attracts your social content together and helps you amplify it in an effective and effective way. Rebel Mouse is all about engagement, and on the Summit, Paul might be talking about why education beats sales in content marketing.

Ramon Ray had a opportunity to talk with Paul Berry about what we will expect from his Small Business Summit session. Hear what he’s got to assert by clicking the video below or going here .

Day-to-day business operations can get the most effective of all people, increasing stress and draining us of our initial enthusiasm. On October 22 set all of it aside and join us on the 9th Annual Small Business Summit – a time to reclaim your passion and push your small business to a better level.

15 Key Strategies for Marketing to Different Generations

Isolated image of four women of different generations Worthwhile solution to market your growing business is to customise the selling technique to your target customer demographics. Until many years ago, you’ll were right in thinking that differentiated marketing is for the large players with big budgets. However, this is not true. The net has become the good marketing leveler, allowing growing businesses to effectively customize their method of marketing to different generations at affordable costs.

Apart out of your product itself, demographics are an incredible influence in buying behavior. Individuals born at different points of time have distinct preferences in what they value, how they spend their money, and what advertising channels they use. Recognizing these behavioral differences on your customers is crucial for maximizing gains out of your marketing spends.

There are four distinct American customer demographics.

Millennials (Born between 1981 and 1995)

According to the 2013 report ‘Across the Ages: Generational Impact on Spending’ , there are greater than 80 million millennials. This young generation that has grown up on technology will soon surpass baby boomers because the largest age group. Millennials are more educated and feature more choices than every other generation before them. They’re unpredictable, not always brand loyal, and are only as comfortable buying online as they’re buying off the rack. In case you are targeting this group –

  • Have a robust online presence, including blogs and social media
  • Adopt the newest technology trends to market to this generation
  • Ensure that the promotional e-mailers have compatibility for mobile viewing
  • Benefit from their impulsiveness by offering additional items for purchase on the checkout point.

Generation X (Born between 1965 and 1980)

The Gen X demographic covers some 65 million Americans. This generation is a vital target audience because these everyone is on the peak in their earning and spending years. While they weren’t born within the internet era, majority use smart phones and frequently access social media. This generation doesn’t would like to just follow trends/ styles and isn’t easily convinced. When marketing to this demographic –

  • Avoid hard core sales tactics
  • Convince them of your corporation claims with research and customer testimonials
  • Combine traditional marketing efforts with digital promotional tools consisting of Facebook,   email marketing, and online adverts.

Baby Boomers (Born between 1946 and 1964)

Comprising 76 million consumers, this demographic represents folks that serious about labor, individualism, and social activism. They value trust, loyalty, and sense of community. Many baby boomers are retired or might be retiring soon. In accordance with the Around the Ages report, Boomers are the foremost prone to be bargain hunting; nearly 28.9 percent Boomers say they just buy clothing when it’s on sale, a bigger share than the other group. Here’s what it is advisable find out about this group –

  • They will seek for product information online, and during calls and emails.
  • However, they place higher faith in face-to-face communication.
  • They will be thinking about knowing what your online business stands for
  • Discounts and bargain deals will appeal more to this demographic than any other

The Silent Generation (born between the mid-1920s and 1945)

Also referred to as “Traditionalists,” this category has 50 million consumers. This generation displayed tremendous resolve to conquer the impact of the nice Depression and World War II.  They seek value for money, comfort, and a way of belonging. A lot of them are active seniors and don’t desire to be thought of as ‘old or dependent’.

  • They are the least more likely to make an impulsive purchase
  • Target them with traditional marketing tools resembling flyers, newsletters and postcards, although needless to say a few of them will use the web to go looking for info.
  • The promotional material ought to be in larger font for ease of reading
  • Use grammar and language that they’ll appreciate
  • Use a single image (person who conveys emotions) as opposed to a collage

Customizing marketing campaigns as per customer demographics is a method to attract your customers. As a smaller business, every customer contact provides you with the original opportunity to invite valuable customer research questions like “Have you tried this product before?”, “Did you adore the product?” and “When do you employ this product probably the most?” Knowing more about your customers might help you design products /services attuned to their needs and lifestyle choices.

Is Your Tech Making You Productive Or Inefficient? Work With Purpose To Get More Done.

productivity an individual can’t be 100% productive all day. Up to you must benefit from every minute, to get shit done, to hustle, it’s just not humanly possible. Concentration is sort of a muscle, it must rest as a way to function, and it shouldn’t be overworked, otherwise it’ll simply burn out and take longer to come again into the swing of items. Thus even an employee working an 8 hour workday wish to take breaks to remain productive.

I’ve asked Julie Gifford with Desk Time  to give us more insight into the $64000 issue of labor, productivity, and time!

There’s been much controversy over the character of workplace productivity. While many employers associate an employee’s physical attendance within the office with productivity, the more modern school of thought practiced by people like Jason Fried of Basecamp (as he describes in his book Remote: Office Not Required ), has a spotlight on work done other than hours installed.

Regardless of what employers view as productive, we’ve been capable of pinpoint the working flow that produces the best work, and it seems that the important thing to workplace productivity is all about effective breaking. From attention span, to physical well-being, breaks have desiring to our productivity. It’s what the ten% best people have in common. Here’s what we found from our research:

The best people work for 52 minutes, then break for 17 minutes.

The employees with the top productivity ratings in truth for the foremost part don’t even work 8 hour days. Seems the name of the game to retaining the very best level of productivity over the span of a piece day, isn’t working longer, but working smarter with frequent breaks.

In this newsletter we’ll check out the statistics gathered from the pinnacle 10% best employees, in addition to the idea of what makes it productive, and pointers on easy methods to implement this on your own life.

How we got the stats      

As a time-tracking, productivity app, DeskTime collects substantial amounts of daily computer-using behaviour (5.5 million logged records per day) . This offers us a ton of data that we will use to analyse the pc-use behaviour, during the spectrum of what the users themselves deliberate to be productive.

What we’ve done is isolated the end 10% best employees, and analysed their computer-use behaviour during one workday. The style we decided the best, is by taking the folks who had the ten% highest ratio of use of “productive” applications for his or her line of labor (each individual may have different apps they think about productive, ex. a marketer would indicate social platforms like Facebook as “productive”.)

The theory of productive working

The notion of productivity is the facility with a view to do more in a smaller period of time.

The reason the ten% best employees may be able to get the foremost done through the comparatively short periods of working time is that they’re treated as sprints, for which they’re well-rested. They profit from the 52 working minutes, in other words, they work with purpose.

Working with purpose is also called the 100% dedication theory. The notion that whatever you do, you do it full-out. Therefore, in the course of the 52 minutes of labor, you’re devoted to accomplishing tasks, getting things done, making progress. Whereas in the course of the 17 minutes of break, you’re completely far from the work you’re doing – you’re entirely resting.

Purposeful working, instead of working 8hrs/day – 100% dedication theory

Making the main of your 52 working minutes

Lately the meaning of breaks towards the mental and physical productivity of someone was valued as incredibly important. Since concentration is sort of a muscle – it shouldn’t be overworked – then it only is sensible that a totally productive employee

Though by following this set pattern, you’re physically working less time, what you ought to be doing is entirely devoting yourself to working in your best capability in this time. Here is called the 100% method. Whatever you do, dedicate yourself 100%. If you’re working, then work 100%. If you’re relaxing, relax 100% – none of this checking email every jiffy while you’re on break, and none of this “I’ll just quickly check Facebook” while you’re working. Others call this “purposeful” working.

Purposeful working isn’t a brand new notion – an identical and popular technique is The Pomodoro technique , created by an Italian philosopher who used a strict working/resting time to attain more. They use the identical technique of working hard for 25 minutes, then breaking for five. It’s a rigorous schedule, that is geared towards driving attention to short, deliverable tasks within 25 minutes, without succumbing to distractions, either coming from the surface, or self-inflicted.

The science behind breaks

The break of 17 minutes lets your mind, your attention span and your body rest in order that when the 52 minutes of labor begin, you’re entirely able to knock off the tasks to be done.

This amount could seem high, but when you’re taking a glance at world class violinists, they become great by practicing in similar increments of time, as a result of the notion of deliberate practice .

Mind – Working for long periods of time may be detrimental on your level of engagement with the certain task or company quite often. Repeating tasks result in cognitive boredom , which in turn halts your ability to thrive on the task handy.

Attention span – The human brain isn’t capable of focus for 8 hours at a time. How to refresh attention span is to take a break, let your mind wander wherever it desires to, and lets you return to a role and manage to be fully devoted to it.

Body – The human body hasn’t ever been made to sit down for 8 hours straight, as many knowledge workers to those days. Research has shown that breaking apart the all-day sit-a-thon can improves productivity – even though it’ by way of working standing.

There are numerous benefits to breaks with physical activity inside the day. It impacts your eyesight, back pain, arthritis, stress levels, or even heart disease. Let alone, getting up helps circulate blood, which gets more oxygen throughout. Specifically your brain will thanks by waking up and having the ability to perform more competently.

What to do while you’re on break

You’ve got 17 minutes to take yourself out of the working zone. Coincidentally (or not..), in the event you seriously look into the world’s professional musicians, additionally they take 15-20 minute breaks. Really, we’re reaching the extent of the greats. We’re talking completely dedicating yourself not to working.

  • Some exercises – there are many exercises you are able to do inside the confines of an office. There are plenty apps available for this, one I’ve successfully used is named Fitster , it senses when you’ve been on the computer for some time and launches a desktop workout.
  • Take a walk – better yet, go outside. Not just will it clear your mind, you’ll get fresh air that means yay, oxygen to make your brain work better, plus you may catch some rays. Vitamin D makes for a stronger mood, if you want to only further stimulate your ability to pay attention.
  • Grab something to eat – replenish those energy levels. The best foods to eat to replenish glucose (good energy) are nuts, apples, pears, blueberries, cheese, fish meat, etc.
  • Talk to colleagues – research shows that employees who socialize are both happier at work, and may be able to do up to their non-socializing coworkers, who hence spend more time working.
  • Surf social networks – because it really is some time to do what you desire. Be sure to take a moment to go looking faraway from the pc and gaze inside the distance, to alleviate your near-focused eyes.
  • Watch funny cat videos  – it’s proven that gazing cute pictures of cats and dogs, you become more productive.

Conclusion – Making time for breaks should help you get more done

By taking the time to rest your brain and concentration muscle, stretching your legs, relieving your eyes, you’ll be doing not just your body and overall well-being a favour, but you’ll be capable of create the absolute best work. In case your boss doesn’t agree, send them this link :)


New Batteries Could Last two decades and Take Just Minutes to Charge

If the slow charging and short overall lifetime of the battery on your smartphone or tablet is the bane of your existence, excellent news is at the way. New lithium ion battery technology is advancing to the purpose where it soon may take a number of minutes to get a considerable charge. And the battery contained in the phone or tablet you’ve paid good money for could last for as much as twenty years, not only many years.

Researchers at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University say they’ve developed an ultra-fast charging battery that may replace the single on your smart devices at present. The batteries they’ve developed may be ready to charge at extremely fast rates. Imagine batteries that may be 70 percent charged in only two minutes.

The batteries also reportedly have a 20-year lifespan.  With this type of battery, the iPhone 6 you got today could still be working within the Fall of 2034. By then, you’ll wonder the way you ever managed with a battery that lasts just a few years as ours do today.

By comparison, researchers say today’s average battery in a smartphone is nice for roughly 500 recharge cycles. That may get you about three years of use, by their estimates. And that battery may soak up to 2 hours to get a whole charge, the researchers say.

For small business owners, a smartphone or tablet going dead on the wrong time could spell disaster dependent on the circumstance. And a battery with a twenty year life span also has serious implications for obsolescence of your technology since it’s no less than one of the crucial reasons we’re all constantly trading in our phones for a more recent model.

The new technology would replace the graphite used for the negative pole in a lithium ion battery with Titanium dioxide, an economical and abundant material present in soil, researchers say.

Of course, this technology isn’t only good for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld technologies. Associate Professor Chen Xiaodong of the University’s School of fabrics Science and Engineering, who invented the recent battery technology says this can even have other important implications. The brand new battery will give the chance to recharge an electrical car in minutes, dramatically increasing the diversity of those alternative energy vehicles.

In a release from the university, Chen suggested other benefits:

“Equally important, we will now drastically slash the toxic waste generated by disposed batteries, since our batteries last ten times longer than the present generation of lithium-ion batteries.”

The global marketplace for lithium-ion batteries is projected to arrive $23.4 billion by 2016. Imagine how much you’ll save in case your current tablet could last you over a decade.

Battery Image via Shutterstock

Holiday Boot Camp – Share Your holiday Tips in a Twitter Chat

You know which holiday is bobbing up next, right? Halloween!

But once Halloween is over, the massive Holiday-season-with-a-capital-H kicks into full gear.  And things are going to get crazy hectic pretty soon.

But, take a deep breath, because despite the fact that you haven’t begun your Holiday preparations yet, there’s still quite a lot of time to do numerous things. You’ll just are looking to start soon, or kick it up a notch.

So take day out, grab a cup of warm cider or hot chocolate, and join us for a Twitter chat on Tuesday evening.

I’ll be joining the FedEx Office team for an additional Holiday Boot Camp session, October 28th, at 8pm EST (5 pm Pacific) on Twitter.

The chat will occur on, using the hashtag: #SMBHolidayPrep.

We may have practical tips.  And more importantly, we wish to hear from YOU:

  • What are YOU doing for the vacations on your business?
  • How do you manage to cash in on the season for YOUR business?
  • Yet even as, how do YOU be capable to loosen up and revel in the vacations with friends and family — and show some appreciation for staff and clients?

Are you getting the image — that it really is about YOU?

Sneak Peek

We’ll be giving for free some very nice gift cards for FedEx Office locations.  They will visit people with the simplest answers to a few of our questions. Start thinking up your best the right way to share.

We will also discuss organizing everything, getting all of it done, and still having a while to benefit from the season.

Feel that stress lifting? Glad to listen to it!

Finally, we’ll take a not-too-technical have a look at the services which could allow you to prepare for the vacation season. We’ll discuss learn how to use printed banners, signs and other materials to make a huge effect with little cost.

Twitter Chat Details

Mark your calendar!

Who: The FedEx Office team @FedExOffice and yours truly, Small Business Trends founder and CEO, Anita Campbell @SmallBizTrends.

What: A one hour chat — the vacation Bootcamp. A primer to get what you are promoting ready for the vacation Season!

When: October 28, 2014 at 8pm EST (Ny time zone)

Where: On Twitter – just search on the hashtag #SMBHolidayPrep to follow the conversation.  And use the hashtag to your tweets to take part.

Hope to work out you there!

Disclosure: FedEx Office compensated me to take part as a small business expert in the course of the FedEx Office Tweet Chat program. FedEx Office also provides the gift cards. However the ideas on this article are mine and never ideas or advice from FedEx Office.

Bue Bird Photo via Shutterstock and Small Business Trends