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6 Reasons To Capture Data and Create Information With Online Forms: Adobe FormsCentral Gets An Update

Think real fast, what’s the most popular plug-in on your browser – probably Flash and Adobe PDF. With Adobe PDF reader you’re able to view PDF files that are sent to you and you can create PDFs others to ensure what you write is what they get. Beyond static PDF’s many companies are […]

Email Marketing Service War Continues: GetResponse Templates Get Improved

We all (well most of us) use email marketing to reach out customers, some of the popular email marketing services include: Constant Contact Vertical Response iContact (bought by Vocus) Mail Chimp Get Response Emma Campaigner Infusionsoft (but so much more) Aweber (but so much more) and I could go on While many of […]

Christian Taylor of Payvment: Facebook Commerce Isn’t Your Father’s Ecommerce

Social media has been a big asset to small business and as the years roll on, it’s continuing to evolve into an even bigger asset. For instance, did you know that you can leverage Facebook for ecommerce? Many are doing so with success and there are even tools to help you do so now. Christian […]

Affiliate Tax Law Struck Down: 3 Problems With The Laws

Nine months ago the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois over a newly-passed law requiring out-of-state retailers that sell to Illinois residents to collect and remit sales tax.  The theory behind the law is that by advertising through affiliate marketers located within the state of Illinois, a retailer establishes […]

Customers Are the Answer to Everything

“Customers are a mystery to small business owners as they usually focus on themselves. “ – Martha Hanlon (in a handwritten note to me.) Martha Hanlon is a woman after my own heart.  I can tell that by just reading the cover of the review copy of Customers are the Answer to Everything: How to […]

Build Your Skills and Networking Connections at These Events!

Conferences, seminars and other events get you out of a rut!  Don’t grow stale – get out there and network with your peers, pick up a few customers leads and meet industry players.  And learn!  Build your skills – take along an employee or two, also, and help them grow.  Check out this latest edition […]

9 Ways to Approach Anonymous Haters Online

Smallbiztechnology.com is pleased to be working with Business on Main, an online destination for small-business leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking for information and inspiration to take their companies to the next level. We will be sharing with you some of the great content they have put together to help the small business community. Have you […]

Everybody Claims to Represent Small Business This Election Year

Hey, we know the small business community is diverse, that small business owners all hold very different viewpoints and come from very different perspectives. That’s why it’s always amazing how many people try to speak for us come election time. Below are just some of the examples. But just as small business owners do in […]

He Makes A Good Point: Danger, Danger!

As a kid growing up I watched a lot of television. Cartoons, sitcoms, even the late night talk shows (don’t tell my mom!) One of my absolute favorite shows was Lost In Space. Looking at it now, sure, it’s cheesy and all, but that robot is still pretty cool: “Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!” It makes […]