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20 Signs That You’re a hit on your Industry

Running a small business could be confusing and the trail forward is commonly unclear. Many small business owners are hanging close to being just successful enough not to exit of commercial.  In otherwords, many are only getting by. If that’s the case, in case you keep the business open in hopes of future success or […]

Infusionsoft Announces My Day and Campaign Marketplace

Infusioncon is the yearly user conference for patrons of Infusionsoft marketing automation software. This year Infusioncon was host to over 2,000 people, mostly entrepreneurs and people representing small businesses, on the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. Like most user conferences, Infusioncon 2013 started out with product announcements. We caught up with Richard […]

Amazon Acquires Goodreads: Impact and Alternatives

Bookselling giant Amazon announced late last week that it’s far acquiring Goodreads.  The acquisition price was not revealed. The transaction is predicted to shut later this year. Book lovers know Goodreads because the large and increasingly popular book-review site with a strong  social element.  At Goodreads you are able to review books, discuss books, and […]

Review of “Roadmap to Profitable Growth”

Did I ever let you know concerning the time my husband and that i nearly broke up over a map We had just started dating and decided to drive all the way down to D.C. from Philadelphia, where we lived on the time.  the type of spontaneous road-trip I’m talking about It’s the only where […]

Our Latest List: Small Business Events, Contests and Awards

Here at Small Business Trends we need you to have access to the foremost up-to-date educational resources to run your enterprise.  That comes with access to educational materials.  Below is our latest curated list of events, contests and awards for small businesses, for the following 60 days.  We also invite you to submit your individual […]

IRS: Dirty Dozen Tax Scams Threaten Your small business

You’ve worked hard for your business, and don’t want all that tough work destroyed by scammers aimed toward draining your organization of profits and cash flow. Identity theft continues to steer the interior Revenue Service’s annual Dirty Dozen list of scams perpetrated on individuals and businesses. The IRS issued its yearly list this week as […]

“Business Model Generation” Offers Profitable, Creative The way to Earn cash

What do you believe is the foremost powerful component to a successful and profitable business You may say marketing or technology – but i believe it’s the business model. When you consider each of the companies that shifted and transformed how we consume services and products, you’ll notice that it was the creativity of the […]

Survey Reveals Three Trends To Follow To Successful Online advertising

Small businesses typically are inclined to have more lasting and intimate relationship with their customers. But who’s really an engaged customer Is it someone – (a) who will continue to purchase from you within the near future (b) who would recommend your small business to a pal or (c) who […]

Dell’s New XPS 18 All-In-One: Video Interview with Neil Hand at SXSW 2013

Ramon Ray, editor of, got a peek on the new XPS 18 from Dell at SXSW 2013 when he bumped into Neil Hand, VP of Tablets and function PC’s. The XPS 18 is the World’s thinnest and lightest All-In-Person who weighs just 4.85 lbs – making it perfect for […]

Four Key Tips on how to Follow When Designing an internet site To make sure It’s Tablet Worthy

It’s happened a large number of times before: you’re out and about, and want to access an internet site. You pull out your tablet, load up the URL and it’s just not right. Maybe the page is formatted terribly. Maybe it’s only a mobile view that doesn’t cut it in comparison with […]