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Edit Images Interactively With Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

You have probably heard of Adobe Photoshop. The Lexus or Mercedes or Ferrari of photo editing tools. Many small business owners dream of one of these powerful tool, but often find that it really is an excessive amount of “engine” for his or her needs.  This product review is for small business owners who ought […]

Coworking Spaces: The hot Workplace Alternative That Increases Productivity and Creativity

CoCo, Minneapolis, MNLiquidSpace CEO Mark Gilbreath calls CoCo “a dramatic one-of-a-kind workspace.” Coworking (yup its one word) refers back to the growing phenomenon of accessible for hire, shared office spaces where budding entrepreneurs, small and medium sized business owners, freelancers or people engaged in similar fields can come together to […]

Best Email Service For Small Business: Gmail, ZohoMail or Outlook?

You’d like email to run your small business. It’s probably integral in your daily operations, so the answer you select matters. You’d like the service that delivers the features you would like, the cupboard space and the integration’s. Let’s take an in depth study some options of the precise email service […]

Two Apps That Take The Headache Out Of revealing Presentations

You can’t bring your laptop everywhere, and attempting to connect your laptop to someone else’s system is usually a major pain. There are about a options for coping with this. To prevent file issues and software troubles, that you would be able to build your presentations in Google Drive, using […]

20 Grammar Rules for Business Owners

Your highschool and collegiate days might possibly be behind you, but that doesn’t mean the English lessons you learned are over besides. Even in today’s professional business world, I run across endless grammatical errors in my business dealings. While most typos are forgivable, others cause confusion and don’t provide a terrific impression. Whether you’re posting […]

4 Easy methods to Improve Time Management

The more technology automates our lives, the fewer time we appear to have every day. Any available second is full of responding to e-mail, managing social media sites, and working with billing and payroll. Other than sacrificing sleep, many business owners aren’t sure easy methods to squeeze a further fifteen […]

Know about SMB Internet Security – Chat Recap

A recent report from Symantec shows that cyber criminals target small businesses more frequently. To discuss specific findings from that report, Symantec recently sponsored a Twitter chat and made two experts available on Twitter to reply to questions about the subject of SMB Internet security. Kevin Haley , director, Symantec security response, Symantec –  @kphaley […]

Bitcoin Exchanges Represent Considerable Risk

Bitcoin exchanges convert the well-liked digital currency into national currencies in keeping with fluctuating rates. However the exchanges pose potential risk to users, a study finds. A recent paper by researchers at Southern Methodist and Carnegie Mellon universities (PDF) says that 45 percent of the exchanges fail. The paper also says most close their doors […]

NYU Offers Free App That Teaches Mobile Marketing Course To your Phone

Mobile marketing is a quick growing area, with changes hitting the foremost advertising platforms like Google Adsense and Facebook . With the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, knowing learn how to market toward these users may be increasingly critical as we march forward into our brave new multi-screen […]

4 Common Small Business Budgeting Mistakes: Tips on how to Avoid Them

Budgeting could be a challenge for any small business owner. Knowing when to spend and when to save lots of could be crucial to surviving those early years. Yet small businesses consistently make many of the same mistakes—mistakes that inevitably force them to either restructure or close for good. Here […]