April, 2013 Archive

Sightly Revolutionizes Local Business Search With Video

Sightly is a native marketing tool that enables small businesses to leverage the ability of video to inform their story within the most attractive and effective way possible. When you do any routine Google search in this day and age, the foremost noticeable aspect of the page is the video […]

Where On the earth Are Small Business Owners Trusted?

Message to small business owners worldwide: That allows you to be loved, move to America. In the usa, small business owners are held in high esteem. A 2010 Pew Foundation survey found that 71 percent of usa citizens see small business as a good influence “on the way in which things are stepping into this […]

3 Reasons SearchYourCloud Is an exceptional Solution for Cloud Document Search And Retrieval

Storing documents is becoming easier with a sort of cloud options from Box.net to Dropbox to Rackspace and so on in between.  Most of them offer great storage for file documents and a few are even unencumber to a undeniable size limit.  This makes storing files, which use to require […]

Small Biz Events & Contest Roundup: Techspeak for Entrepreneurs, SMB Nation, UPS Sweepstakes + More

Welcome to our latest curated list of events, contests and awards for small businesses.  Each item is punctiliously reviewed for relevancy and quality.  To see a whole list or to submit your individual event, contest or award listing, visit the Small Business Events Calendar . Featured Events, Contests and Awards […]

What’s Google Glass? Here’s the solution

We’re back with another one-page explainer, to respond to the question, “What is Google Glass?” Google Glass is the name given to a wearable computer created by Google. You place the device on like a couple of eyeglasses, even though it doesn’t have lenses.  It rests at the top of your ear and bridge of […]

Executive Spotlight: Peter Arvai, Prezi CEO and Co-Founder, Desires to Permit you to Share Your World-Changing Ideas

Peter Arvai, CEO and co-founding father of the presentation software Prezi , is of Hungarian descent; however, he was born and raised in Sweden, and has lived on three continents throughout his life. This multicultural upbringing really sets the stage for his life’s work and great accomplishments. “I was always […]

3 Tools That Easily Make Your enterprise Website Mobile

You’ve probably got a smartphone to your pocket instantly. That smartphone might be a model that thousands of individuals, or even even millions, are using right now  to view pages on the web. It’s no secret that the mobile scene is expanding, meaning that an increasing number of people would be […]

New LinkedIn Contacts: Aims to Be Your individual Assistant

LinkedIn has announced it’s launching a brand new Linkedin Contacts that aims to create a “personal assistant” for users. You could be thinking you have already got a Contacts section on your LinkedIn account – and you’d be right.  However, this goes well past what LinkedIn offers today under the “Contacts” tab.  The new LinkedIn […]

Startup Success and Niche eCommerce Throughout the Health Care Industry

The health care market is receiving increasing attention from entrepreneurs everywhere trying to improve a fancy field. Modern medicine continues to stand budget deficits and inferior technology in both developed and developing nations. Health care IT (Internet technology) has taken off within the previous few years. Also active is the sector of ecommerce — across […]

Use Twitter on a Mac? There’s an Enhanced App

Twitter has millions of users, but for folks running Mac computers, the social network has had some limitations. Twitter recently announced  enhancements for Mac users that are supposed to make the social network more engaging for this significant group, too. As we’ve been reporting, Twitter remains one of the vital top online easy methods to […]