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Holiday Postage, Mobile Engagement and WordPress Websites

It’s time for  our weekly community news and knowledge roundup with the newest news and articles from sites we follow on the net. You may help gather news about new websites or online tools or suggest articles you believe you studied we should always feature here. Holiday Postage an excellent Investment (Fletcher Prince) If you […]

Business Intelligence is the Icing at the Cake for a native Bakery

Most businesses collect information on their customers. But many could be blind to how valuable that information may be. Using the info effectively could be the important thing to identifying your best customers and understanding a way to serve them better. It may even be the major to growing what you are promoting by increasing sales […]

Smooth Failing: Being Inspired by Others’ Spectacular Failures

Smooth Failing: Being Inspired by Others’ Spectacular Failures “Highly successful people make mistakes on a regular basis.  Some failures are big, some even bigger, but none need bring about the tip of your dreams to succeed.” So writes Barbara Weltman in her latest book, “Smooth Failing: Top industry leaders share their secrets for turning Pain […]

Week In Review: Small Business Saturday, Twitter Experiments and More

It’s time again for our week in review. Listed below are the head stories important in your small business this week from the Small Business Trends editorial team. Holidays Small suppliers profit from turkey shortage . Butterball, among the nation’s largest producers, was in need of big fresh birds this year. To not worry though. […]

Acer Introduces Two Ultrabooks Aimed toward Business Users

Acer has introduced two ultrabooks for the primary time within the U.S. market aimed specifically for business users at the go. But, don’t expect to get either of those devices at a bargain price. First, the Acer TravelMate P645 features: A 14-inch display with HD resolution. A lightweight thin design just 3.31 pounds and .81 […]

How Well Did you know Your Internet buyers?

If you ask eCommerce merchants how much they find out about their customers, how well they know web shoppers, you can get a general reply. Many may only be capable of describe their customers in keeping with demographics of gender, age and level of income. So do they actually understand why, when, where and the […]

Former Paypal Managers Servicing Mid-Size Business Data Management Needs

The advent of cloud computing has enabled many small businesses to take off. However, as small businesses grow, their data management needs multiply. While there are a lot open-source DevOps tools that small businesses could use for data management, such tools are frequently found inefficient while handling larger datasets. This gap within the existing DevOps […]

Would like to Win at Sales? Just Be a Gopher!

One of the things that drives me nuts most within the business world is that this glut of acronyms. Okay, some make sense. But there’s a whole lot of blatantly manufactured acronyms available in the market (I’m observing you, self-help business books) that just make me insane. I see plenty of stuff like, ”To win at […]

Do You think Customers are an Asset or a price Center?

We’re going to explore one example closely by watching how Zane’s Cycles grows – because they know and respect the lifetime value in their customers. With just one retail location, Zane’s Cycles of Connecticut is among the three largest bike shops within the U.s.a.. They sell $15 million every year in bicycles, and bike supplies, […]

Are You Overwhelmed with Tasks. Here’s Four Methods to Help with Task Management

In line with the enterprise work management survey conducted by AtTask , which checked out the underlying reasons that workers miss deadlines, have to work overtime and/or lose confidence and morale for the firms they work for, nearly three in five workers – approximately 60 percent – are either completely […]