December, 2013 Archive

Small Business Capital Bill Seeks Less Regulation for VC Investment

There’s a lot of lip service in Washington about making a better climate for startups and small businesses. So it’s disappointing to listen to that a law designed to just do that’s stalled indefinitely as a result of political posturing. But that’s exactly what seems happening with the Small Business Capital Access and Job Preservation […]

The three Policies You and Your Employees Shouldn’t ever Ignore

Despite all of the emphasis recently on major-medical health coverage, let’s not forget three other forms of policies which can provide valuable protection for you, your employees and respective families within the event of harm or illness. 1. Disability Insurance Only 31 percent of american citizens are protected by disability insurance and half those believe […]

17 Top Small Business News Stories of 2013

A lot happened during 2013 that has effects on small businesses.  Let’s look at the end small business news stories for 2013, as tracked by the Small Business Trends Editorial team: Wearable Technology Gets Attention Wearable technology ranges from Google Glass  (the eyeglasses-like computer you wear for your head – image above) to the smartwatch.  […]

2014 WordPress Website Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

The approval for CMS-based websites was growing constantly, and WordPress is essentially the mostsome of the most used platform by far. At least 19 percent of all the Internet is powered by the WordPress platform. This number includes nearly half (48 percent) of the head 100 Technorati blogs, in addition to among the largest websites […]

Green Bed and Breakfast Wins $5000 Award

There are several reasons to think about making a greener business. They can include such things as saving money and, of course, just a basic concern for the environment. But Kurt Kessner and Alline Anderson (pictured above), co-owners of the Milkweed Merchantile Eco Inn and Organic Cafe , have  discovered there is something more. It […]

Technology Drives Marketing Predictions for 2014

As proven by this year’s holiday shopping season , technology is reshaping the style customers find and buy products. And research indicates those trends are inclined to continue. In order that they must be reflected for your marketing plan for the arrival year. Listed below are some related predictions about where marketing is headed in 2014. […]

How If you Correct an issue Employee?

It’s the a part of our jobs every small business owner hates – going through an issue employee. Whatever the rationale, whether you dislike confrontation or worry about getting sued, you can’t ignore employee problems, or they’re going to just get bigger and potentially threaten all your business. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you’re […]

The Era of Declining Self-Employment

The variety of employed Americans rose from 144,144,000 in October 2013 to 144,775,000 in November 2013, a rise of 631,000, according to Federal government data. That’s excellent news. More people going back to work is something that everybody – left, right and center – agrees is ideal for the rustic. But a more in-depth investigate […]

New Smartglasses Raise Nearly $83,000, Rival Google Glass

There were many companies jumping at the smartwatch bandwagon because the introduction of the Pebble . But thus far, one company has clearly led the way in which inside the development of smartglasses. Correctly, Google was so closely related to the smartglass revolution that one tech writer coined the term glogging to explain blogging with […]

Techieworks: Providing Seniors with Online Tech Help

When Anant Vats was working for Infosys in Houston, he once took the bus with some friends to visit dinner on the town. Suddenly, an old lady sitting next to them asked them in the event that they could fix her computer. Pleasantly surprised at this request, Anant asked her what led her to believe […]