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Tips on how to Cope with The additional Cost of Chinese Currency Fluctuations

It’s the Chinese New Year, and 2014 is the year of the pony. If what you are promoting works with Chinese companies, there are a few things to grasp. Although we regularly examine Chinese currency because the Yuan, the official name is the Renminbi (RMB).  Use of RMB currency is growing. According to November and […]

The 7 Best WordPress Alternatives

Once upon a time, blogging platforms like WordPress were only used for blogging. Now, WordPress is often implemented for simple, user-friendly web design. But at the moment, WordPress isn’t the sole game on the market. Below are the most convenient established and up-and-coming WordPress alternatives, both for blogging and internet sites. 1. IM Creator IM […]

Lenovo Is Buying Motorola from Google. Here’s Why it Matters To Small Businesses.

Google bought Motorola in 2011 for approximately $12 billion dollars. Google recently announced that it’s selling Motorola to Lenovo for $3 billion dollars. Why does this matter? Google is a master at engineering simple and fast software – that does amazing things. Think Gmail, Google (search) and other awesome tools we use and love. […]

Aly Saxe of Iris: PR Today Demands Efficiency, Scalability and Accountability

It’s every business’ dream to get featured in national publications, popular websites or even television. But getting the awareness of vital outlets takes quite a lot of effort to attach and engage with influential those who could make it happen. In today’s over saturated world of tweets, texts and email overload, it also takes a […]

Book Review: “Made to Stick” from by Chip Heath and Dan Heath Show Us Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Ever wonder why certain ideas survive and others die? “Made to Stick” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath show us exactly why certain ideas stick and why others just fade away. The book explains how simplicity and emotion play a component within the success of ideas and the way you, as a small business […]

Your Marketing Problems Are Solved

Sometimes you underestimate what a cartoon goes to require should you first get a concept. The fundamental premise here was that somebody combines parts of quite a few different social media into something that’s obviously unlikely to work, but they assume it covers the entire bases. But after you get into it and also you […]

Linksys Introduces Surveillance Cameras for SMB Premises Security

After re-entering the SMB market back in November of 2013, Linksys has launched more products for the small business market. If you are worried with or accountable for security to your business, the recent Linksys products are designed for you.   These Linksys products include four surveillance camera models, including indoor and outdoor models.  Depending at […]

One Startup That specializes in Channel Development for IT Companies

By the year 2010, Clark Richter, the founding father of Fossa LLC , had spent over 15 years in sales management and marketing roles at IT companies like Check Point Software, Citrix Systems and Websense. He found it frustrating that there have been only a few reliable, comprehensive and updated information sources specializing in the […]

Why Google Is Taking a $9.5 Billion Hit on Selling Motorola to Lenovo

Less than 2 years ago, Google caused loads of puzzled looks when it bought Motorola, the mobile device hardware manufacturer. It didn’t look like an obvious fit. And the much more head-scratching news is that Google is now selling Motorola to Lenovo for nearly $10 billion lower than what it paid. Google purchased Motorola in […]

10 Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

The WordPress platform makes it easy to establish a web store, either as your primary business or to counterpoint your physical small business. Moreover thousands of templates, there’s a massive library of plugins designed to simplify and automate your online sales. Below are ten of the smartest WordPress plugins for eCommerce for you to use […]