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Top News: A Study Says 98 Percent of Mobile Malware Targets Android

Small business owners need information to remain competitive. But following the newest updates even on your industry could be tough with everything else in your plate. The Small Business Trends editorial team wraps all of it up and puts it in a single place on your benefit. Mobile Your Android phone generally is a target […]

LinkedIn’s Love Affair With Small Businesses. Four Ways LinkedIn Small Business Permit you to.

We know that on Facebook we are able to connect to our customers and purchase advertising. With Twitter we are able to Tweet our strategy to success (NOT!) and purchase advertising to get much more in front of our prospects and customers. LinkedIn is growing but i think for plenty business owners it’s only […]

Sage Launches Subscription Invoicing Aimed toward Small Business Customers

Well, consider this scenario that’s probably quite common to many small business owners. You are making your personal invoices in Word or Excel. Then, you either email them or mail them. Afterwards it becomes extremely difficult to trace the status of these invoices. Which of them has been paid? Which of them are still unpaid? […]

Which Online Invoicing Software Solution is healthier In your Small Business? Sage One Invoicing Launches

Earlier this week Sage One launched a fresh new online invoicing solution for small businesses. Sage One Invoicing. My first invoicing solution, years ago, was Microsoft Word. I created an invoice with my logo and email it to a consumer or send it to them within the mail. I did this for many years, […]

Government Contracting: The way to Perform some research Before Market Entry

There is nothing worse than attending an event where a speaker will whet your appetite for a brand new market, then leave you hanging. At many small business conferences round the country, inevitably one of the crucial speakers will raise doing business with the govt., and maybe they can offer accurate advice, but not always. […]

Home Depot Had No Ice Salt. 7-Eleven Did. Lesons In Small Business Customer support

i used to be on the lookout for “ice salt” to organize for the arrival snow this weekend. As happened a couple of weeks ago, Home Depot, Shopright and other big box retailers had no salt. I went to 7-Eleven, as I did last week, and so they had tons of salt. The franchise […]

Steven Aldrich of GoDaddy: 50% of SMBs Still Working inside the Stone Age

According to a newly released GoDaddy survey, inspite of the entire affordable and straightforward to exploit apps available today, there’s a large choice of small businesses on the market that just haven’t made the leap to the cloud. Steven Aldrich, SVP of Applications at GoDaddy, joins us to share and discuss one of the crucial […]

Don’t be Late for a Waste of Time

True story. I was finishing this cartoon up and spell-checking the caption in Photoshop. When the spell-checker got to “full-of-crap” it stopped and offered up the word “phallocrat” instead. When I looked “phallocrat” up I learned it meant “a male who assumes authority over females resulting from his maleness.” Who knew Photoshop had this sort […]

U.S. House Passes a Bill Allowing People to Unlock Their Phones, But….

A new bill that makes it legal to unlock your smartphone on the end of your service contract has narrowly passed the U.S. House. However, some language within the bill may stifle businesses that sell unlocked phones to consumers. This need to be excellent news for any small business owner who’d want to continue using […]

98 Percent of Mobile Malware is Geared toward Android Users

Ninety-eight percent of mobile malware is geared toward Android users, a report from security experts Kaspersky Labs says. This is basically due to the approval for the platform. However the study also notes the “vulnerability” of Android’s architecture as a reason the mobile operating system is vulnerable. And most of this malware is aimed toward […]