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CrowdtiltOpen Allows Free Crowdsourcing by yourself Domain

The free, open-source crowdfunding site was launched last week. Unlike Indigogo, Kickstarter and similar sites, CrowdtiltOpen permits full customization of the appear and feel of your business’ crowdfunding site. You may also use your existing domain or another one. For startups or companies trying to expand their profile by launching a crowdfunding campaign, this can […]

Wix Small Business Breakfast Features Brooklyn Design Shop co-Founder (March 5th – NYC)

Wix and Infusionsoft are excited to host the second  Small Business  Breakfast  in Ny city on 5 March 2014. The featured expert is Stephanie Joy Benedetto Co-Founder and Business Director of Paper No. 9, a Brooklyn-based design lab focusing on bespoke sustainable textiles and limited edition products. Paper No. 9 was a 2013 WGSN Global […]

Customer support Matters A lot more Than You might imagine

Customer service is a large “elephant inside the room” for therefore many businesses available. It’s really challenging to coach yourself or your employees with the virtues required to be a well-rounded, service-minded personality – someone with all of the necessary attributes to make patrons for your business happy every time. Learn From the child Boomers… […]

China Based Huawei Introduces Five New Devices, Eyes U.S. Market

Chinese smart device maker Huawei unveiled a raft of recent products on the GSM Association Mobile World Congress (MWC) over the weekend in Barcelona. The company is the world’s third largest maker of smart phones and tablets without delay, and that’s all without much activity within the U.S. But that could change soon. The corporate […]

3 Varieties of Social Media Marketers. Which One Are You? All About Me, Never Around or Givers

There’s three forms of individuals who are using social media, three different types of social media marketers. They are: 1. All about me 2. Never Around 3. Givers (use the comment section below to provide a shout out in your favorite social media marketer – on the end of the week I’ll send certainly […]

Create A Digital Velvet Rope To spice up Business

The net is many stuff, but there’s something that it isn’t: Exclusive. Every tween from Albany to Zanzibar can access almost any location on the internet. That makes it difficult for marketing professionals to capitalize on a basic human motivation: The will to join an exclusive group. New York City’s Studio 54 made the […]

Are You Discriminating Against Women Employees Without Even Knowing It?

The collaboration between Getty Images and Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In organization to make stock photos less sexist is getting plenty of publicity. It’s also a terrific example of ways stereotypes find their way into our minds. After we see businesswomen portrayed in photos as weak, ineffective or overtly sexualized, it has a cumulative effect on […]

Have you Been to a 3D Printed Fashion Show?

There are some ways 3D printing can be utilized in small business. It could be used to make prototypes, do small scale manufacturing or even industrial designing. And recently, a massive show in Ny city gave a glimpse of the total range of possibilities. New York Fashion Week is a stunning acknowledge event. But there […]

Social Media Customer Care Company Raises $1 Million for Growth

UK-based Brand Embassy , a corporation that gives management of social media mentions, recently raised $1 million in funding. The corporate currently has only 20+ employees, however the money may be used to take its service global and to expand its features. Co-founder and CEO Vit Horky explains in a up to date post at […]

New TouchBase Business Card Could Transfer Digital Profile to a Smartphone

The way people network could be changing. Swapping business cards have been a mainstay of small business networking. Sites like LinkedIn and some of others have offered new the right way to connect to industry professionals. But through all of it, traditional paper stock cards have stuck around. One startup, however, is proposing a brand […]