March, 2014 Archive

Think Starting a Business within the US is difficult? Try Italy

If you observed it’s hard to begin a business here within the Country, you can just consider how hard people perceive it in other countries.  A whopping 96% of Italians say their government makes it hard to begin a business. Greece, Spain and Portugal aren’t far behind — with 93%, 82% and 80% respectively saying […]

Still Googling Your Contacts? Nimble Says Kiss That Goodbye

Nimble , the client relationship management application that automatically connects social networks with other contact information, has just kicked it up a notch. The corporate claims you could quit Googling your contacts to determine more about them. Nimble recently introduced a brand new feature called Smart Summary that company executives say accomplishes far beyond what […]

Technology Doesn’t Need to Intimidate, If you purchase It With Thoughtful Planning, Says Brother Printer Exec

John Wandishin, VP of selling, Brother International  discusses how small business owners don’t should be intimidated by technology. He also advised not to buy technology without knowing what you should do with technology. Don’t simply by a tablet for the sake of purchasing i, for instance,  but have a transparent business purpose in mind […]

Survive Tax Season With Shoeboxed

A little while after uploading my first receipt screenshot, I received an email confirming that it might be processed within one business day. Your receipts will process more quickly at the paid plans, I’m sure, but you receive 50 free receipts at the forever free plan should you can take care of the slight time […]

Verizon Introduces Single Security Suite for All Devices – Mobile and Desktop

A new survey reveals 88% of customers world wide own a couple of Web-enabled device. And 62% of U.S. consumers own greater than three devices, another concludes. In its recently released Digital Assets survey, online security company McAfee reveals there may be also a whole lot of value on those devices. Globally, the typical person […]

Why the IRS and BLS Disagree on Self-Employment Trends

Are more or fewer Americans engaged in self-employment than a decade ago? Once you might think that it is a simple factual question, its answer relies on which federal government agency’s numbers you take a look at. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data indicates that self-employment is growing. The tax authority estimates that the collection of […]

Never Start With a superb Idea

That’s not that your services or products isn’t an exceptional idea. But before you assume that idea for your head is solid gold, author and business writer Paul E. Brown has a guideline for you. Take a visit to the local closeout store and check out every thing some other person thought can be a good […]

On the lookout for Android and Windows on One Device? Don’t Hold Your Breath

The initial news was exciting — “was” being the operative word.  Chinese phone maker Huawei had announced plans in late February to give a smartphone with dual operating systems, i.e., both Windows and Android, at the same device, to the U.S. market. For people who use Windows in business but love Android, a tool that […]

How the hot Overtime Law Changes Will Affect Small Businesses

President Obama recently signed an executive order calling for brand new rules on overtime pay. Currently, salaried workers in executive, administrative and professional positions aren’t eligible for overtime pay in the event that they make over $455 every week. The President suggested $600 or $640 because the new threshold – the present standards for brand […]

10 Apps to aid along with your Small Business Taxes

Tax time is nearly here. And as with almost the rest for your small business, there are apps designed to get you thru it. You can use some apps for filing your tax returns. Others may be used to maintain you better organized all year long — by doing such things as tracking your expenses. We’ve […]