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Transforming Twitter With More Images Means More Social

You’ve definitely heard the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it seems that Twitter would agree.  It is now possible to tag multiple photos in one tweet. Twitter Tagging Photos Twitter 6.3, the upgraded version of Twitter, brings multiple features which might be expected to make use of the positioning more engaging. Essentially the mostsome […]

Are You Using Trackable Links On your Marketing? Raise Your Marketing ROI

Smart marketers know that the single strategy to properly measure their marketing and know what works and what would not work – is to leverage analytics. However, analytics can only be seen if you’re using trackable links to grasp what everyone is and aren’t clicking. Sure you will get a fine measure of detail […]

Michigan Creates $6.8 Million Fund for Tech Startups

Economically speaking, the scoop concerning Michigan typically makes a speciality of the purported death of Detroit. To counter that negative trend, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is hoping to spearhead some new growth among high-tech startups. The Michigan Pre-Seed Fund 2.0 is really a continuation of a prior effort. It is going to provide […]

Evernote and Moleskin Blend Ink and Camera To Archive and Share Paper Notes Better.

Many professionals use Evernote to store their “brain” – to capture notes, receipts, file images and much more. My friend Travis Campbell  is an Evernote Nut. i began to apply Evernote to capture notes, but then just stopped doing it as I’ve was using my computer more. Recently Moleskin developed a brand new notebook […]

In case you Stop Using Youtube for Video Hosting? Panopto, Vimeo and Brightcove Have Options

Youtube is a great platform for sharing video – it’s easy to exploit, feature rich and free. However, there’s a few competing video options that provide things Youtube doesn’t have. You probably already find out about Vimeo, and Brightcove is superb to boot. These two platforms offer varying degrees of more control and robustness […]

Spotlight On Moving Mountains Design: Staging Luxury Homes on the market

This week we shine the spotlight on Moving Mountains Design . Those needing to sell a  big luxury home within the L. a. area call on owner Michelle Minch. She and her team swoop in and decide just the proper paintings, rugs, sofas or even duvet covers to make a property fetch top dollar. Minch […]

Can Brother Printer Beat Dropbox At Online Document Management?

Brother International, best known for printers, has launched another online offering for small businesses – BR-DOCS  which is a web document storage solution. From what i will tell corresponding to Box and Dropbox . BR-DOCS is optimized to work with Brother Printers, a plus for those using Brother Printers and enables three broad capabilities: […]

Methods to Use Email Marketing to Segment Customers and Generate Loyalty

You could have heard the saying “the money is within the list” and I’m willing to bet that the primary place your mind went is to thinking that a much bigger list is healthier. While this is often mostly true, it isn’t completely true. Having an even bigger list will certainly yield results, but it’s […]

Are You Marketing Across Channels? Constant Contact Says Multi Channel Marketing Works Best

Word of mouth is the number 1 variety of marketing that many smaller businesses use to get the word out about their business. Of course some do radio advertising, some do print, some pass out flyers and naturally many others do various sorts of internet marketing and even events. Constant Contact released  study which […]

Sign of the days: 9 Tips on how to Boost Retail Sales with Store Signage

After an extended, dreary winter, are you hoping to re-energize your retail store’s sales this spring? If that’s the case, try these tactics for using signage to draw customers into your store and get them to spend, spend, spend. Clean It Up Is your store’s main outdoor signage fresh, up-to-date and clean? If your sign lights […]