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3TechGuys Show – quarter-hour of Fun about Tech and Business – Latest Episode Up Now (May 5)

Watch tonights the newest episode of  3TechGuys  with Gene Marks, Brent Leary and Ramon Ray Tonight’s episode covered, in about quarter-hour of fun: Amazon enables purchases with a hashtag Esty going public, Alibaba’s going public and stopped going public (what’s up with that?) Yahoo said it won’t honor “do not track” settings in […]

In Workplace Communication, Words do Matter

Since the 1970′s, communication experts were citing research results released by Dr. Albert Mehrabian at the related value of 3 vital components of human communication: Mehrabian’s report reinforced reports released within the late 1960′s by the Journal of Consulting Psychology and the Journal of Personality and Psychology. That research claimed that during a completely limited […]

Make Your First Business Audacious

When starting your first business, it pays to teach some audacity. Some of one of the most successful companies – Google, Facebook, and Apple, to call a couple of – started off as ideas that many considered crazy or risky on the time. But about a bold entrepreneurs chose to take the required risks and […]

Any.Do Makes Managing Tasks Simple

Most productive people will let you know that they stay productive, getting stuff done, because they retain some type of system. Usually, at its core, this can be a list. Any.Do is a role management app for iOS or Android smartphones which is designed to make you more productive. The company did a little research […]

After Its Chief’s Departure, What’s the Way forward for Google Plus?

The hot departure of Google Plus chief Vic Gundotra from the corporate has many wondering what’s going to become of Google’s social network. In a Google Plus post announcing his departure, Gundotra praised the team that had helped build the social network and expressed excitement for its ongoing growth, writing : “This is a gaggle […]

10 Digital Assistant Alternatives To Apple’s Siri

Of course, it goes without saying that Google has tested the digital assistant waters by launching Google Now for the iPhone and Android. Being a Google product, it really works remarkably well. Using your built-in GPS function on your phone, it determines where you are at, at all times. Then it provides services which may prove […]

Self Employment Continues to say no, Despite the Recovery

The recently released Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity (KIEA) shows that pace of entry into self-employment declined last year. The media has put a favorable slant at the news . Because many folk go into business for themselves out of necessity when the economy is doing poorly and that they have few employment alternatives, this […]

U.S. Postal Service Killed Startup Outbox, Report Says

Entrepreneurs Evan Baehr and can Davis initially got down to change the style millions of usa citizens got their postal mail. For now, a minimum of, the startup has buckled under the pressure of a skeptical and certain threatened U.S. Postal Service and federal government. Their startup, Outbox, was a service that offered to digitize […]

The Statistical Argument For Customer Advocacy

You may or won’t have heard of the term “customer advocacy.” Here is defined as a specialized style of customer support where companies take care of “what is healthier for his or her customers.” It sort of feels desire to should be that way, right? Unfortunately, all too often that isn’t the way customer support […]

How Semantic Search is Changing Insurance Industry Digital Marketing

Insurance industry digital marketing is changing. Gone are the times of paying an “SEO” to shop for a host of links and stuff your website choked with local keywords. These tactics aren’t only less effective, but every now and then, websites are being directly penalized by Google for “Black hat” SEO. Using proper keywords and acquiring backlinks […]