3 Reasons One Page Websites Work For Businesses – Video Interview with Eric Tarn, co-founding father of OnePager

There are still such a lot of business owners who should not have ANY websites. Eric Tarn, co-founding father of simple web design company OnePager  is out to alter this. I challenged Eric, that with the whole great do it yourself website services available to buy – why will we need a different ONE?

In this video interview he says that even DIY services (Wix, Squarespace) are too complex.

Eric speaks about how websites, even a one page website, must be the inspiration for your entire online activity.

He also touches on local directories and why sometimes these don’t work in favor of a neighborhood business owners website.

Check out our discussion below or here –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxQpwr3uUCE

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