3 Reasons SearchYourCloud Is an exceptional Solution for Cloud Document Search And Retrieval

Storing documents is becoming easier with a sort of cloud options from Box.net to Dropbox to Rackspace and so on in between.  Most of them offer great storage for file documents and a few are even unencumber to a undeniable size limit.  This makes storing files, which use to require an external drive of a few type, a great deal easier to exploit and manage.  The difficulty arises when looking to locate a particular document amongst all of these easily stored files.  Some cloud storage services offer search features, however it still takes time to move through many retrieved results to discover that one desired document.  Thankfully, a comparatively new service, SearchYourCloud , allows the user to conduct an entire-text search using a mobile device and delivering accurate results by retrieving outcomes not only in line with keywords, but on overall relevance to the query.

There are three key reasons to start using SearchYourCloud.

First, the software allows the user to hold out an entire-text look for all desktop files and encrypted Dropbox documents.  It also provides single search capability from any device, (e.g. cell phones, tablets, PC, etc.), for info stored on Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and lots of other clouds.  “Instead of going to multiple applications (like, Dropbox, Sharepoint, etc.) on their mobile device, a user can access all their files using a single app (SYC),” says Simon Bain, CTO of Simplexo , parent company of SearchYourCloud.

Second, SearchYourCloud is amazingly secure.  “The software puts AES-256bit government grade encryption within the hands of the shopper,” says Bain.  “It offers privacy and security in order that users can now search within their documents including emails, Word and PowerPoint without opening the index to their cloud.”  SearchYourCloud provides its privacy and security to their cloud by not storing users’ email address or PINs, and no direct URLs exposed.

Finally, files may be shared securely using SearchYourCloud by encrypting files into your Dropbox and making them accessible via SearhYourCloud’s iOS application.  These files are encrypted with separate credentials to the remainder of the user’s files and the user can easily deny access by simply deleting the shared file from their Dropbox folder.  That alone is a superb enough reason to a minimum of benefit from the 30-day free trial offered by SearchYourCloud.

These three key reasons are huge deciding factors when deciding the right way to securely retrieve information, in addition to share files from whatever cloud you’re using.

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