4 Tools To extend Your Productivity And eight Belongings you Can Do With Newfound Spare Time

If you’re running a small business, likelihood is it’s possible you’ll end up having a difficult time finding minutes within the day for everything you have to do. Are you as efficient as you may be Are it slow management skills as much as the challenge

Well, there are a number of belongings you can do to look how you’re spending some time. It’s like a self-audit to your time. CMIT Solutions was kind enough to send us a listing of how to maintain tabs in your time to spot waste, and opportunities for increased productivity.

Check it out:

Remember the Milk

Probably the main ubiquitous time tracking tool obtainable, Remember the Milk is accessible as an online app and on most well liked smartphones. Remember the Milk seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Google Calendars, and Gmail. It even works with Siri.

Daily Agenda

In a great world, all our daily activities will be managed on a single calendar, but sometimes that’s just unattainable. Your online business appointments in Outlook, your loved ones activities in Google or iCal, social events in Facebook, and the myriad of alternative group and community calendars that we inevitably join so one can stay on top of things—Daily Agenda will keep track of all of them in one app. Supports Notification Center in devices running iOS 5 and up.


If you employ Basecamp for project management, Timy is a brilliant tool for tracking time, because it integrates nicely with Basecamp’s billing system. Available for a lot of smartphone platforms, Timy is a breeze for task-management at the go.

Microsoft Outlook

Yes, even Microsoft Outlook can be utilized as a time-tracking tool. You’ll just ought to enable the “Journal” feature. In Outlook 2010, visit File

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