5 Tools to Create Your 2013 Spring and Summer Event Calendar

If you’re a globetrotting type who loves to soak up industry events and conferences as a standard way of staying in contact together with your profession, that keeping an eye on the ever-changing cities, events and venues is usually a full-time job in and of itself.

Luckily, there are a good selection of tools accessible which could assist in making that job easier, keeping an eye on your comings and goings so you don’t should.

Below are five tools, besides event examples of events in a number of niches, that can assist you to create your individual event calendar throughout the spring/summer of 2013. ( Try more events so as to add to the calendar here. )

1. April 2013: Google Calendar / Google Docs and Pubcon

It’s easy to say Google Calendar as our first entry, although only since it is without doubt one of the most well-used online calendars on earth, allowing you to have private calendars, calendars which might be shared with friends and associates and the all-important reminders to assist to maintain you in your toes about what’s up next.

Google Docs is another handy gizmo to take advantage of here . Here’s a terrific example of conferences within the Google Doc (courtesy of StateOfSearch ):


When filling for your Google Calendar for April 2013, consider adding a stop at Pubcon New Orleans conference, where to be for learning concerning the present and way forward for Online marketing – and the way your small business endeavors can make the most of it.

2. May 2013: CalendarsQuick and Mom 2.0 Summit

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If online calendars aren’t your thing, CalendarsQuick will provide you with the facility to quickly and simply design your individual calendars to print, allowing you to fill them in with every imaginable little bit of information before making it available to grace your wall.

event calendar

Before you hit the print button in your May 2013 calendar, make sure to include the Mom 2.0 Summit in your to-do list, an event that aims to assemble women and mothers of all stripes to profit about how one can take their professional endeavors to new heights, networking the entire while.

3. June 2013: ReminderFox and EmMeCon

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If an entire-fledged calendar application simply falls outside of your humble means, the ReminderFox plugin for Firefox is a brilliant tool that gets right to the business of supplying you with a heads up a couple of given event, without the necessity to add anything except a title, a date and a time.

event calendar

For your June entry, everyone in business should have faith in the potential for attending EmMeCon 2013 in San Francisco, a spot where business leaders and the technologists who provide them with the tools for achievement congregate to replace expertise and speak to information.

4. July 2013: 0 RSSCalendar 0 and 1 MozCon 1

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In some cases – as a blogger, for instance – it’s your decision to make your event itinerary available in your readers. For these cases, RSSCalendar is strictly the tool that you just need. Via a slick and straightforward to apply interface, you can actually create simple event listings for yourself, then instantly republish them for the sector to look in an RSS feed.

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If there may be just a single event entry to your calendar for July 2013, it would most certainly be MozCon, a Seattle-based conference that may assemble the smartest minds in SEO (web optimization), SEM (SEO) and social media to speak about the direction of the internet, and the way businesses can best climb aboard for the ride.

5. August 2013: 2 Outlook 2 and 3 An Event Apart 3

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Deserving of a minimum of an honorable mention is the well-used calendar functionality to be present in Microsoft Outlook, a work of software that almost all folks use, but few people really give the credit it deserves.

Tack at the use of Office 365, a cloud-based technology from Microsoft that many businesses are implementing, and you’ve got the facility to collaborate with others as you retain track of the events you’ll be attending, all from within your email client.

event calendar

Finally, to fill up your summer with style, take a look at An Event Apart in Washington, DC, a meeting strictly aimed toward those that design for the net. Workshops, keynotes and hands-on sessions will abound, helping you to remain before the curve within the ever-evolving business of creating beautiful, functional designs.

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