60 Plus Tools for Today’s Innovator

Almost everyone desires to be referred to as innovative, to be an innovator. Companies and individuals seek to illustrate that they’re able to “out of the box” thinking, because the saying goes.

I have recently worked on some projects around innovation for firms like Verizon and Qualcomm and it got me to thinking – what about innovation tools to assist my fellow small business owners to brainstorm, to create new products, to remove the innovation cramp and get the information flowing?

Below are 60 plus innovation tools and sites that today’s innovators should take a look at.

1. Try the Visual Thesaurus to aid stimulate your ideas in a visible way. You type in a word and it creates an online of links to synonyms. It encourages lateral thinking. There’s a free 14-day trial.

innovation tools

2. Investigate Visual Teams: Graphic Tools for Commitment, Innovation, and High Performance . This book is full of visual ideas, including the way to conduct innovation meetings in non-traditional places.

3. With the intention to innovate by real-time whiteboarding-type drawing, try PabloDraw . It’s on the MAC App store but has a cross-platform framework.

4.  Jive is a device in an effort to enable you to collaborate with others in an internet platform. It helps with internal collaboration, marketing, sales, and customer care.

5. Although not as eye appealing as another online collaboration sites, Zoho combines collaboration applications with a set of different applications.

6. Monitor your customer experience and what customers are saying about you with Google alerts . i take advantage of this to determine about my clients’ competitors.

7. Along these lines, i am keen on to look for #hashtags on Twitter and even on Google. Oftentimes, the tweet itself will reveal a lot of other tags or terms that I missed.

8. Trying to find an innovative new web site design? Get inspired at Pattern Tap . It means that you can focus only at the elements of the web site you’re suffering from including the header or navigation. Examine it as a search engine for designers — input a term and it showcases great design for that.

innovation tools

9.  SyncSpace lets you sketch with others in a whiteboard format but in addition enables you to zoom in or out on certain parts of the sketch while doing it.

10.  0 Quora 0 is a forum for asking and answering questions. You list your interests and get to peer all of the questions and answers regarding those interests.

11. Lots of you’ve gotten probably already participated in LinkedIn and there are some good innovation and small business communities. Check up on our own, too: 1 Small Business Trends on LinkedIn 1 .

12. Innovate with word clouds-text formed shapes-and notice what others have created on 2 Wordle 2 .

13. Use 3 Mindjet 3 to assist together with your mind mapping collaboration. It acts as a whiteboard, project management, and collaboration base.

14. You’re able to create diagrams through online collaboration or work entirely offline with 4 creately 4 .

15.  5 Adobe Kuler 5  allows you to create your personal color schemes. Beginner tutorial  6 Designing with Kuler 6  is a must-watch.

7 innovation tools 7

16. Seeking new methods to get your group innovating together? 8 Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers 8 offers you about 80 games to get your crew heading in the right direction.

17. Nearly everyone has heard of 9 Skype 9 . The platform does audio and video, plus you are able to track your calls in an organized manner.

18. You’re able to have your work proofed quickly and simply using 0 ProofHQ 0 . Create an explanation for a range of file types and your team could have the tools they must review it.

19.  1 Lucidchart 1 not just offers mind mapping and diagramming software, nevertheless it enables users to collaborate on software prototypes, website wireframes, and UML designs. All accounts can collaborate, but each user is restricted by his account features with free accounts getting only a few.

20. For online collaboration, consider 2 fmyi 2 . Unlike other social networks, this one is private and lets you track contacts, gather data, manage projects, and share your innovation files (or any file, really).

21. Turn brainstorming right into a random game. Use these 3 Harvey cards 3 to assist stimulate your innovation process.

22.  4 Spiderscribe 4 helps you to capture ideas and attach them for your mind map. It helps combine planning, visualizing, and organizing.

23. Make 5 HP Virtual Rooms 5 your virtual meeting place where one could share and store files on your meetings.

24. Would you like to accomplish golden dimensions? Type one dimension into the 6 Phiculator 6 and it’ll provde the other dimension had to achieve the golden ratio. Download just for the Mac OS.

25.  7 101 Design Methods: A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation on your Organization 7 – well-reviewed book on Amazon that describes different tools you need to use to assist drive innovation.

26.  8 TitanFile 8 is a web based file sharing and collaboration cloud-based service that boasts tight security.

27. In order for you mind mapping software that gives you with many features, sharing abilities, and styles, try 9 iMindMap 9 .

28. You may perform numerous 3D modeling effects including animation with 0 LightWave 0 . This software costs counting on the features you will have.

29. At the 3D modeling and scanning front, investigate cross-check the 1 Autodesk app: 123D Catch 1 for iPad. Rockstar program. Search for their other free apps listed at the site.

2 innovation tools 2

30. For more a robust, dedicated 3D scanner, then take a look at the folk at 3 NextEngine 3D Scanner 3 . I saw an excessively cool Jimi Hendrix statue that was scanned and 3D printed at a community college using their scanner.

31.  4 Vyew 4 is online whiteboarding with a view to collaborate in an ad-supported version for gratis. It supports multiple formats and screen sharing.

32. Create charts, wireframes, and technical drawings using 5 gliffy 5 . I even have mentioned this web-based software before and it’s pretty awesome.

33. To innovate with prototypes around the Internet on Web, mobile, and enterprise applications, try 6 pidoco 6 . Think wireframes.

34. In case you thought matching wine to a meal was tough, try font pairing. The folk at bonfx have the 7 Big Book of Font Combinations 7 available on the market. Overall, this is a good site for graphic design types.

35. If you’re seeking free interactive whiteboard software, try 8 Open-Sankore 8 . It adapts to any device and files may be saved as a PDF.

36.  9 Balsamiq 9 permits you to collaborate with others using wireframes on a platform it’s akin to a whiteboard.

37. In case you find regular mind mapping to be boring and uninspiring, try 0 Pinball 0 . It’s a unique way that challenges you to appear differently at what you’re creating.

38.  1 Tagxedo 1 enables you to innovate with word clouds and the put your designs on T-shirts, totes, and mugs.

39. If you’d like more interactivity to your conference room, try 2 Luidia’s 2 eBeam. The hardware is just a little pricey, but it surely can bring a really collaborative whiteboard in your meeting.

40.  3 DAZ3D 3 is a distinct 3D modeling software which is free, however the catch is you pay to shop for content for the ad-ons similar to clothing, figures, and environments.

41. Find innovation through controlled Web surfing. 4 StumbleUpon 4 is an internet site that connects you with websites that suit your interests.

42. Bored with mind maps with straight lines? Use 5 Connected Mind 5 from Google Chrome to create more organic mind maps.

43. Searching for a unified workspace with task management capabilities where you may stash all those ideas? Try 6 Ubidesk 6 .

44. You should use 7 XMind 7 to create unique mind maps which are well-organized and show relationships.

45.  8 ScreenCastOMatic 8 permits you to record your screen or webcam and create a mini-movie to share. Among the tools are just offered through a $15/year subscription. The free service limits recording time to fifteen minutes.

46.  9 Solvr 9 enables you to collaborate in real time with others you invite on a particular problem.

47. To animate 3D renderings, 0 Blender 0 offers free software that has made many improvements inside the quality of designs it produces.

48. In order for you to mashup a gaggle of photos or videos right into a hip music video (sorta), then you definately must play with 1 Animoto 1 . Love their service.

2 innovation tools 2

49.  3 Dropbox 3 allows any files (data, video, text, and sound) to be shared across computers and with colleagues and clients. They provide a free two-week trial.

50.  4 Freeplane 4 is located on a wiki but offers mind mapping functions including post-its, password protection, ad-ons, and tasking.

51. Have a look at 12 real business models and get access to more from 5 Board of Innovation. 5 Some great downloadable tools for paper prototyping, posters, and brainstorming kits. Mostly free stuff.

52. a rather odd innovation tool is known as 6 Personality Poker: The Playing Card Tool for Driving High Performance, Teamwork, and Innovation 6 . This game helps identify personality types and shows how everyone can contribute to the team effort. One deck/book works for as much as 6 people. Five star reviews on Amazon.

53. In the event you decide you have to much more people on your innovation jam session, then take a look at the paid version of 7 join.me 7 which lets you hold a web based meeting with as much as 250 participants.

54.  8 SkyDrive Pro 8 is a Microsoft product so one can sync files between Office SharePoint users. Get your share on.

55. Sometimes, you desire a different font for that special project. You discover it, but do not know what it’s called. Try submitting it to 9 WhatTheFont 9 . If the automatic search doesn’t work, you can actually post it for other folks to spot.

56. Microsoft 0 OneNote 0 is a part of the Office Suite. It acts as a whiteboard and lets you share through SkyDrive and SharePoint. I also love 1 using Evernote 1 with the Skitch add-on app.

57.  2 Comapping 2 uses mind mapping to control and share information through files, notes, and organizational tools. It keeps everyone at the same page.

58. Another 3D rendering software that’s free to download and use is 3 Art of Illusion 3 .

59. If you’re trying to find a safe private social network, you are able to try 4 Yammer 4 . It uses Internet domain addresses to spot the computers the need arises collaborate in your project.

60.  5 Intellinote 5 helps you to take and organize notes on any device, collaborate, share files, and execute projects.

61.  6 Metasequoia 6 is 3D modeling software with both freeware and shareware versions. The advanced version provides you with the facility to print to a 3D printer.

62.  7 The Brain 7 is mind-mapping software so that you can access quickly the tips you’ll need.

63. You are able to find that each one these innovation-type sites have made you batty and perhaps just a little frustrated with being “innovative.” I highly recommend you download and play 8 Fruit Ninja 8 , then.

Share your favorite innovation tools for keeping it creative within the comments.

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