A BlackBerry Acquisition, Online Fakes and More

online fakes

If you’ve missed a few of the top news stories important to small business owners and entrepreneurs this week, don’t worry. Running a business is a whole-time job. We understand. That’s where the Small Business Trends editorial team is available in. We collect the scoop most vital to you multi function place so that you won’t miss something.

Let’s start.

Mobile News

BlackBerry acquisition worth $4.7 billion . Stock holders won’t feel free if it happens, but for small business owners things is probably not bad. If the corporate goes private, it will probably mean more talk about business solutions.

Microsoft Surface 2 tablets unveiled . After considerable buzz, Microsoft’s second generation of Surface tablets were announced this week. One aspect potential buyers — including small businesses owners — might have trouble with is the price.

McDonald’s offers mobile payments . The short food chain is testing the service currently in select cities. Is your business offering a mobile payment option? Here’s where the trends are headed.

Nokia to unveil largest Windows phablet . If photos bouncing round the Internet are to be believed, the recent Nokia 1520 could have a 6-inch full 1080 p HD display. We’ll see how this one stacks as much as the contest.

New NVIDIA tablet will cost only $119 . The Tegra Note is probably not perfect, however it has some features that would be appealing to small business owners. And one of the crucial biggest selling points could be the price.

Counterfeits, Online Fakes and Resellers

Alibaba takes on counterfeiting . The Chinese website that has become a wholesale marketplace and ecommerce powerhouse is finally working to deal with counterfeiting among some sellers. What steps are you able to take to ensure you aren’t a victim?

Fake reviews fetch $350,000 in fines . If you’ve ever been tempted to write down a kind of fake reviews praising your personal business on Yelp or elsewhere, don’t do it. This post will show you what can happen.

Etsy struggles with reseller issue . The positioning was founded for artisans and craftspeople creating one-of-a-kind handmade products. For most of those small business people, reselling of mass produced items at the site is a primary blow.

Products & Services

Windows 8.1 available . Business owners and other users who don’t yet have Windows 8, should pay for the upgrade to Windows 8.1. But it’s still available, if you need it. To get Windows 8.1 in your Windows 7 or other device, listed here are the prices and other specifics.

Pay whatever you wish for CRM . Anita Campbell, CEO and founding father of Small Business Trends, gives us a glance at this new product for keeping an eye on your contacts. It’s Zoho’s new ContactManager, and the pricetag for small businesses occupied with getting started may surprise you.

0 American Express promotes tech investment 0 . American Express says data shows small businesses are able to put money into tech. a brand new offer for Business Gold Card holders gives incentives to do exactly that. What do you believe?

Health Care

1 Small business medical health insurance keeps rising 1 . In point of fact, last year it rose faster than inflation, consistent with the 2013 Kaiser Family Foundation Health Benefits Survey. Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Case Western Reserve University Scott Shane has more.

2 More delays with Affordable Care Act 2 . Meanwhile, delays continue with the U.S. Affordable Care Act. For small businesses who desire to enroll to supply coverage in your employees, you’ll should wait another month to take action online. Read more of the continued saga.

Other News

3 NASE has new leadership 3 . The National Association of the Self-Employed is the voice for America’s 23 million self-employed and micro-business owners. Meet the organization’s new president and CEO.

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