Able to Go Paperless? Listed below are 7 Services From The Paperless 2013 Coalition That may Get You There!

Based on america Environmental Protection Agency, the typical US office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per annum. In 2010, the quantity of paper recovered for recycling averaged 334 pounds for every person living within the US, in keeping with the yank Forest & Paper Association. While we’re making small strides in reducing paper usage, the very fact remains that many businesses still rely heavily on paper processes.  Just check out your desk straight away. Do you spot multiple stacks of paper or papers strewn all around the desktop?  Well, if you’re seeking to reduce your footprint in the world and all those papers you retain shuffling through, then you’ll would like to look into the services enjoying the Paperless 2013 Coalition .

It’ 2013 and technology is playing a prime part in changing the style we handle daily business functions. While some could be resistant in embracing these new methods of processing business tasks, the actuality is that when you recover from the hurdle of implementation and learning, these new processes will make your enterprise so much more efficient and prevent more money and time than you might have imagined. And fortuitously, there are answers that touch each aspect of our business, from accounting to project management to document storage.

For instance, when you are a kind of businesses that continues to be receiving paper checks as payment to circumvent all of the fees linked to other payment solutions, keep in mind – there’s a better, paperless way of having paid! Zipmark , a provider of online and mobile payments and a partner within the Paperless 2013 Coalition, offers businesses the flexibility to assemble payments from customers and clients via secure digital eCheck. Unlike other online payment options which have high transaction costs and costs, Zipmark’s transaction fee is purely 1% with a $5 cap!  Being that the sort of service greatly reduces your payment aging (you can receive payment for invoices the subsequent business morning – a incontrovertible fact that i will confirm because i take advantage of the service in my small business and I’ve reduced my aging to a regular of three days with most of my clients!), it really is an operational expense that any business can afford! Zipmark has partnered with numerous business solutions including Freshbooks ,   Apptivo and, it’s newest partner, WorkingPoint .

“WorkingPoint works with thousands of small businesses which are still stuck receiving paper checks within the mail and so it was an easy decision on our part to give Zipmark to our customers,” said Paul Sednaoui, Director of promoting at WorkingPoint. “Our customers are frustrated with the delays and the hassles of coping with traditional payments. We decided to integrate Zipmark as a payment option at the invoices our customers create because Zipmark enables our clients to receive funds quickly and for a fragment of the executive cost of processing paper checks.”

There are such a lot of other areas of what you are promoting you could make paperless, to boot, and listed below are one of the vital other services inside the Paperless 2013 Coalition which could help:

  • ServicePal : Schedule. Dispatch. Sign. Deliver. – ServicePal is an easy, flexible strategy to manage work orders and invoices within the field.
  • Outright : Online bookkeeping – Not more spreadsheets, data entry and mounds of paper everywhere.
  • doo : Digital Document Management
  • smore : Design beautiful online flyers and publish instantly.
  • Leaf : A cloud-based Point of Sale platform helping merchants run and grow their businesses.
  • 0 ereceipts 0 : Keep all of your receipts…paperless!
  • 1 123 Contact Form 1 : Create professional web forms and surveys as easy as 1-2-3.

You can see the complete members, partners and services that experience partnered with the Paperless 2013 Coalition 2 here 2 .

So, are you prepared to start out eliminating paper out of your business processes? Have you ever taken the leap with any processes on your business? If that is so, share with our community within the comments below. Your successes may help others overcome the worry of change!

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