Clarity of Purpose: What’s Your Promise?


Does it live consistently across your organization?

Clarity of purpose extends way past the boardrooms of beloved companies. It unleashes the organization’s imagination to make decisions guided by its promise. It’s no wonder that businesses with clarity of purpose have the foremost loyal and engaged employees. The chance to deliver to a transparent purpose elevates day-to-day tasks, giving work direction and joy.

Internet clothing and shoe retailer Zappos earns 75 percent in their daily orders from repeat customers. Clarity of purpose fuels its customer devotion. Zappos desires to be often called a service company that occurs to sell shoes, handbags and an expanding array of goods one day. The lens in which the corporate makes decisions is service.

This clarity frees everyone there to live the “Golden Rule” within the way they work.

One decision Zappos acts on day by day helps customers discover a pair of brogues, even a couple they don’t stock. Customer Loyalty Reps who take customer calls are encouraged to understand competitors’ Internet sites for one simple purpose: Service. If a customer calls Zappos for a shoe it doesn’t have, their Reps will search the web to assist the buyer find it. Customers are continuously amazed, delighted and dazzled by this act of genuine customer care.

Zappos’ clarity of purpose – that doing the fitting thing for the client is ultimately the precise thing for the business – transcends any short-term gain it’d get by pushing the client toward another shoe they have got in stock.

Clarity for being a service business first gives Customer Loyalty Reps energy and a compass for decision making. And it gives them the enjoyment of delivering Zappos’ version of the “Miracle on 34th Street.” Chances are you’ll do not forget that inside the movie Miracle on 34th Street, a Macy’s-employed department store Santa joyfully sends customers to competitors when the shop didn’t stock what they wanted, making Macy’s the “winner” of the Christmas season.

In this single, simple decision, Zappos wins over the hearts of shoppers. It’s any such gesture that makes customers love them. They’re loved for being the type of those that send a customer to the contest because it’s the ideal thing to do.

Every kind of business prospers when clarity of purpose steers decision making.

People across your organization live as much as the guarantees you’re making. Customers become emotionally connected with you and need others to experience what you deliver. Their stories of your service, experience, and those become the folklore that defines you.

And customers become your sales force, telling your story to everyone they know, fueling your growth.

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