Coworking Spaces: The hot Workplace Alternative That Increases Productivity and Creativity

CoCo, Minneapolis, MN
LiquidSpace CEO Mark Gilbreath calls CoCo “a dramatic one-of-a-kind workspace.”

Coworking (yup its one word) refers back to the growing phenomenon of accessible for hire, shared office spaces where budding entrepreneurs, small and medium sized business owners, freelancers or people engaged in similar fields can come together to get their work done. Workstations can be found for hire by the hour, day or month reckoning on your requirement with prices starting from $5 an hour to $400 a month and beyond. There are cheaper options to boot. These coworking spaces include the entire amenities of a contemporary office in addition to recreational sections like a snack and coffer counter, lounge and perhaps even a pool table that will help you bond with fellow coworkers.

And it’s not only smaller businesses which otherwise will not be capable of afford the luxurious infrastructure the coworking spaces must offer, even companies equivalent to Google, GlaxoSmithKline, Amazon, Twitter and Nokia had been known to outsource their office spaces to companies reminiscent of Regus (the world’s largest provider of flexible office spaces).

While Marissa Mayer could have slammed ‘ working from home’ options for her company, there’s a lot of merit in offering your employees the flexibility to work remotely from coworking spaces.  As per Mark Dixon, Regus CEO (in an interview with FastCompany ), “The way forward for work shouldn’t be dictated by space or place, but by the person and the tasks that she or he has to deliver”. With employees not being tasked on variety of hours they installed and instead on with the ability to get the job done, coworking spaces are an easy way to facilitate flexi- working hours and within the bargain enjoy the next work-life balance.

The worldwide Coworking Survey 2012 ,conducted by Deskmag across greater than 2000 people, backs up the benefits of coworking with statistical data so as to hopefully silence a number of the skeptics. Listed below are the main results that showcase clear benefits from coworking:

  • Increase in productivity – 71% of respondents
  • Improved work standards – 62 % of respondents
  • Able to focus better – 68% of respondents
  • Better time management of tasks – 64% of respondents

For growing business coworking spaces are an amazing option for working in a colourful professional environment while not having to tackle the trials of operating an office. For established businesses, coworking enables a more a versatile approach for work in addition to helps in reducing the price of owning infrastructure constantly versus using it as and when the requirement arises ( large conference rooms as an instance).

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