Executive Spotlight: Creating Goals and Mentoring Others Is What Drives Joe Cayero of Verizon Wireless

Joe Cayero desires to be remembered as an excellent leader and mentor in his work life, but in addition takes pride in ensuring he’s being “the world’s bestest dad ever” to his 5-year-old son.  As the administrative Director of Sales and Marketing for Verizon Wireless , Cayero credits his family for giving him the root essential to accomplish his many career goals.

“My parents moved to america without knowing tips to speak English.  In point of fact, they came without even having a task lined up.  What they did have were strong moral values and an excellent stronger work ethic. It sounds hokey, but I too believe that in case you treat individuals with dignity and respect, including a robust conviction and committed for your beliefs, the chances are on your favor of meeting and realizing your goals with dreams can become a reality.” Cayero said.

Cayero said his dreams of working with technology probably began back when his parents first purchased a Tandy TRS 80 computer. Although they’d little or no money, his parents were committed to ensuring Joe was exposed to innovation that can potentially become the idea of many future opportunities. They were right. Cayero’s journey with Verizon began about two decades ago with the shared vision that at last, everything we do in life and business could be driven by a handset or a non-public device. Today, he gets to look those dreams as his reality on a daily basis at at Verizon.

“We are the market leader and shape the industry.  Our uncompromising standards are unparalleled inside the wireless industry – and that’s not lost on our customers.” Cayero said. “Our culture is second to none. i might challenge anyone to seek out a harder working, more customer -focused organization in any industry.  We have an internal CREDO which i’ve got read literally hundreds of times.  Yet each time I read it, I can’t help but feel pleased with where and whom I work with.  It also jogs my memory of what’s really important because it pertains to our customers and our guiding principles here at Verizon Wireless.”

Cayero believes that Verizon has the proper goals in mind for creating success as an organization. Probably the most important goals Cayero has is to confirm he’s working to mentor and guide his fellow employees because they’re essentially the most “prized asset” at Verizon.

“To think that I inspired, mentored or coached someone and feature positively impacted them either personally and/or professionally is a satisfying experience.” Cayero said.

And whatever Cayero is doing at Verizon should be working, since the company recently reported double digit earnings growth in five in their last six quarters of commercial.

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