Former Paypal Managers Servicing Mid-Size Business Data Management Needs

The advent of cloud computing has enabled many small businesses to take off. However, as small businesses grow, their data management needs multiply. While there are a lot open-source DevOps tools that small businesses could use for data management, such tools are frequently found inefficient while handling larger datasets.

This gap within the existing DevOps tools is what led former DevOps Manager at Paypal, Kenneth Jiang, and previous Product Manager at Paypal, Gülin Yilmaz, to establish OpsViz .

Kenneth, who has greater than 17 years experience in back-end systems engineering is the venture’s CTO. While Gülin, an MS in engineering from Stanford Univesity and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of commercial, is the CEO. Gulin has diverse experience – in product management at Paypal and during her successful entrepreneurial ventures, CoachMe and Awardly.

Gülin firmly believes that for a product to achieve success, it would be validated by the tip users. It was but natural that she discussed OpsViz’s initial product idea with hundreds of potential customers before launching it. These discussions ended in the invention of a bigger need for automation in data infrastructure management.

Mid-size companies were saddled with not only the difficulty of inefficient opensource DevOps tools but in addition inefficient processes to watch data management operations. Alternatively, traditional comprehensive enterprise solutions were quite expensive and disruptive to the customer environment.

OpsViz therefore taken with developing affordable solutions for these challenges. With its flexible back-end and connectors to ordinary open-source tools, OpsViz ‘snaps in’ the architecture of its customers to ‘collect and clean’ the infrastructure data and analyze it.

By providing SaaS information management, OpsViz serves as a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for customer systems. By enabling automation of cumbersome and routine tasks, OpsViz can eliminate unnecessary time and effort spent by IT operations teams of mid-sized businesses. It also helps IT teams analyze historical data and determine patterns to eliminate outages.

OpsViz also provides a strong and usable mobile platform that permits system admin and operations managers to have a correct picture of the information infrastructure systems at any time and from anywhere.

The initial focus for OpsViz is the underserved mid-market companies that usually have 100-5,000 physical servers. End result of the validation of the product and business by the tip user segment, OpsViz can draw upon a confident customer base. Since their launch in early 2013, OpsViz has one paying customer, Wikia. Ten other companies have expressed interest in becoming beta customers. It’s also in early negotiations with a Fortune 100 company.

OpsViz’s next plans to scale up by integrating with successful open-source tools similar to Puppet and Chef and differentiate with its superior user experience. It positions itself against monitoring tools like Nagios by providing complete and accurate information.

OpsViz is about to bootstrap till it reaches the $1 million revenue mark. It currently reaches out to potential customers through direct sales using tools like Alexa rankings, LinkedIn , and . The corporate has recently hired an engineer and likewise works with some part-time UX experts.

OpsViz plans to go into the enterprise market once it has gained a sturdy foothold within the mid-market. It intends to distinguish itself by providing a cheap and extensible platform for smart data center operations. Its long-term vision is to produce collective intelligence and best practices on infrastructure management by applying data analytics to infrastructure operations.

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