How a Cuban Bakery Competes With Dunkin Donuts Via Niche Marketing

Recently I (Ramon Ray of SmallBizTechnology, pictured below) parked my car in front of a Dunkin Donuts to exploit their WiFi while I waited for one in all my children to complete taking some tests at a neighborhood highschool.

niche marketing example

I got hungry and was focused on going into Dunkin Donuts to get something to eat. But I looked around and noticed a bakery, Domingo’s Bakery. I went inside because I wanted a freshly made sandwich that’s identical to what i might make at home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dunkin Donuts chicken sandwiches, donuts and other food. However, at the moment, i needed something different.

niche marketing example

Walking into Domingo’s Bakery, i used to be pleasantly surprised at how packed and whole it was. If truth be told, how energetic it was with a flurry of activity, kids running around and Spanish filling the air.

My initial thought was, how does this bakery have a thriving breakfast service with Dunkin Donuts right around the street? It’s simple. This bakery is servicing a gap market.

  • Those who primarily speak Spanish.
  • Those who want more fresh or authentic food.
  • Those who desire a homey experience.

Also, as we learned from Dave Ramsey’s “Business Gets Personal” event with Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk, you don’t ought to destroy your competition to win. Most markets are sufficiently big that there’s room for a lot of competitors to do quite well. You may leverage the ability of your digital marketing to find customers and wow them all day long.

Learn from this Cuban bakery. Don’t be terrified of your competition, as a matter of fact – embrace them and thrive.

Here’s the view that the local Dunkin Donuts store sees…everyday:

niche marketing example

And here’s the view Domingo’s Bakery sees every day. I bet this view inspires them to excellence and a deep cope with their customers. Go narrow, target small – get big profits.

cuban bakery 5

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