How you can Use Transactional Emails to Master the client Dating Game

customerlove Building an excellent relationship together with your customers is plenty like building a non-public relationship with a partner. It’s important to build trust, be responsive, help them when needed…it’s a number of work! And a twin of with personal relationships, there are some tried and true strategies you should use to win on the game of of shopper love. Listed below are some tips and methods on methods to use transactional emails alongside your standard email marketing messages to construct customer loyalty and trust.   Tweet: Use transactional emails alongside your standard email #marketing to build customer trust and loyalty! @campaigneremail

Transactional emails are sent due to an action out of your customer – invoices, order confirmations, shipping notifications, etc. According to research conducted by Experian , the typical transactional message generates two to 6 times more revenue than standard marketing emails. Intertwining automated transactional emails with marketing messages creates a vital opportunity that not many are making the most of. As an instance, order confirmation emails with a cross-sell message have a 20% higher transaction rate.

“Transactional emails are a valuable consider building customer relationships, but many companies aren’t using them to their full advantage. Most transactional emails are sent by teams that don’t understand the powerful up-selling and trust-building opportunities inbuilt to these automated messages. You wouldn’t trust somebody else to address your love life, so why risk turning in transactional emails to someone that doesn’t understand marketing?” said EJ McGowan, general manager of Campaigner, a powerful email marketing solution built by marketers.

The folks at Campaigner have created this great infographic that shares ways to get essentially the most out of your transactional email.

Transactional Emails Infographic_FINAL_EMBARGO 8.26.14

By following these simple tips and best practices, you could work towards establishing long-term committed relationships along with your existing customers.

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