Improve Conversion, Spot Difficult Customers and More

We’ve looked round the online business community again this week and scooped up some helpful tidbits. We’ll be sharing them with you this week as always. And take a look at the ideas below for more on the best way to get entangled with making our community news reports more helpful.

15 Tools to enhance your Conversion (J Plus Media Solutions)

Different online businesses will likely define conversion in several ways. To a couple, it means visitors buy something while for your site or email you about your services. To other, it just means getting people to enroll in your newsletter. In either case, this list of tools from Adam Connell may also help you get more.

How one can Identify a tough Customer (Mosiac Networx)

When you first met with them, they looked like the precise fit to your company. But all of that has changed. Today they treat your firm with condescension and absence of respect. Here’s learn how to spot such a customer earlier than time.

Wearable Technology will Change your corporation (Get Sage Blog)

They include smartwatches, Google Glass and other devices that won’t have got as much coverage within the news. This can has been the year of wearable technology, writes Kevin Rexroat. This can be a movement prone to change our business and private lives inside the future years.

8 Digital Marketing Firms Have Holiday Fun (Marketing Land)

An important portion of effective marketing is letting customers know a little more about your business’s personality. Matt McGee shares eight examples of video hijinx for the vacations from some prominent marketing firms.

You can now Buy a Starbucks Franchise — in Europe (The Franchise King)

Franchise King Joel Libava has some exciting news. For the longest time he’s been telling those occupied with buying a Starbucks franchise that know such opportunities exist. But all of that had changed now. If, in fact, you reside in UK and France.

Using LinkedIn for Content Marketing Link Humans

Content marketing is a large portion of using social media. Few take into consideration LinkedIn as a marketing channel. It sort of feels more like a networking channel for professionals. But before you assume that’s the case, study this post.

A Guide to Weekly Roundups The Practicing IT Project Manager

OK. We thought this one was interesting. For sure, Small Business Trends isn’t the one website to publish weekly news roundups. Here’s blogger Dave Gordon’s guide to the preparation of his weekly roundup. Perhaps we are able to pick up some tips in addition!

Google Plus Post Ads Unveiled (Search Influence)

Thanks to Will Scott for this post on a brand new advertising option over at Google Plus. Have you ever heard of the Post Ads yet? Supposedly, they’re a totally different animal than the sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter. Test it out.

If you’d prefer to help us create a more robust community news and knowledge roundup, we’re always open to suggestions. Just email us at with suggestions. Or submit your content to the community. We frequently listen in to the positioning for more on what the small business community is talking about. So be happy to affix in.

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