In case you Stop Using Youtube for Video Hosting? Panopto, Vimeo and Brightcove Have Options

Youtube is a great platform for sharing video – it’s easy to exploit, feature rich and free.

However, there’s a few competing video options that provide things Youtube doesn’t have.

You probably already find out about Vimeo, and Brightcove is superb to boot.

These two platforms offer varying degrees of more control and robustness over your video and let the viewer specialise in YOUR video instead of the opposite videos Youtube will display around your video.

There’s a another video service i used to be gazing, Panopto , it offers a dizzying array of features that corporate trainers and marketers will need to consider.

What i’m most impressed with is its video search capabilities – you are able to search inside a video for words as Panopto has automatic speech recognition . Quite impressive. Furthermore, any word that looks within the video Panopto indexes and enables a search on that word to boot.

Analytics, custom branding and mobile video playing are all portion of what Panopto offers.

If you’re trying to add features to any video, check up on our friends at Viewbix . They allow you to simply add a choice to action, social buttons and more for your video.

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