Keep Kitty From your Workspace with CATable

cat furniture

If you might have a house-based office, you likely need to focus on a variety of distractions. A kind of distractions could be your cat. From demanding belly rubs to planting themselves squarely in the midst of your keyboard, it could be awfully difficult to get any work done with a restless kitty around.

That’s why Ruan Hao of Hong Kong’s LYCS Architecture created the CATable. The CATable is a desk that includes a flat top with a chain of kitten-sized cubbyholes below.

The idea behind the desk is that it will keep your cat more excited about crawling during the lower level than walking in the course of the middle of your workspace or sitting in your laptop.

cat furniture

The designer explained a bit of in regards to the idea behind CATable at the company’s website:

“Their curiosity will be greatly satisfied through repetitively exploring the unknown path behind the hole… It’s a table for us and a paradise for cats.”

Of course, cat owners desire to keep their cats happy. But as increasingly more entrepreneurs start businesses that permit them to do business from home, entertaining feline friends yourself isn’t always feasible without sacrificing productivity.

There are already loads of products available to your cat’s climbing needs, from cat trees to shelves, various cat furniture or even kitty condos. But among the aspects of the CATable that may entice cat owners is that it offers the chance to maintain your cat nearby when you work.

cat furniture

Small business owners often work long hours and don’t always have the time to split work and residential life. So a bit of furniture like this has the capability that will help you get more done while still spending quality time along with your pets.

The desk was recently displayed during Milan Design Week and there’s no telling yet when it’d be available on the market. Nonetheless it does show a technique within which designers are starting to consider work-life balance — including for home-based business owners.

Images: Lycs Architecture

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