Methods to Use Email Marketing to Segment Customers and Generate Loyalty

You could have heard the saying “the money is within the list” and I’m willing to bet that the primary place your mind went is to thinking that a much bigger list is healthier. While this is often mostly true, it isn’t completely true. Having an even bigger list will certainly yield results, but it’s the engagement level of your list; the degree to which they do what you ask them to do – it’s much more important and profitable.

This is where such a lot of people (that comes with me and plenty of of the gurus of email marketing) are always seeking easy methods to get on the subject of our list, provide real value and generate engagement, conversation and conversion.

Without a doubt, the only best solution to accomplish here is to segment customers.

Segmentation literally means grouping. While you group your list into categories that represent the topics that your audience is most serious about.

Why Segmentation is significant for your Success

Imagine walking right into a room filled with those who find themselves your potential customers. Chances are high that that each one of these people aren’t sitting in a single big group. They may be grouped into smaller clusters having specific conversations. You wouldn’t walk as much as a collection talking about football and suddenly start talking about gourmet cooking.

Every time you send a mass email to a broad group of folks in your list – your are doing exactly that. You might be talking about what matters to you rather than what matters to them.

Segment Customers to Save Money

Let me explain. Once you segment customers and group your list into specific segments, this lets you target your communications and conversations around topics which are meaningful to them.

Research shows that targeted and segmented emails generate an 8% click-through rate when compared with general email sends, which generate only a 3% click-through rate. Furthermore, Jupiter Research reveals that relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

Common Segments to Consider

If you’re just starting at the route to segment customers on your email list, then there are several options that you’ll try:

  • Where they’re within the selling cycle: Check out the information you have already got available. Determine the foremost logical groupings according to the info your recipients want from you, the questions they’d have, or their stage inside the buying cycle.
  • Awareness (know): Leads have either identify your services or products, or they have got become aware that they’ve a necessity that need to be fulfilled.
  • Evaluation (see): Leads are aware that your services or products could fulfill their need, and they’re looking to determine whether you’re the best fit.
  • Purchase (buy): Leads are able to make a purchase order.

List Segmentation Tips:

  • Give your audience a number of ways and reasons to opt in – emails, blog posts, websites, squeeze pages.
  • Create a listing of keywords and phrases  (PDF worksheet) that you really want to be found for.
  • Create a sequence of free downloads that come with ebooks, videos, white papers, templates and checklists.
  • Create squeeze pages with specific offers and gifts around different topics your audience could be interested by.
  • Create feature box opt-ins inside your website. Where you would normally have a feature article, place a featured download where people can opt in.
  • Insert an opt-in inside a piece of writing or post on a particular topic. Here is a really perfect place to apply the summary of a piece of writing with a “read more” hyperlink. Then, when the reader clicks on “read more” an opt-in box pops us asking them to register (free of charge) to work out the remainder of the thing. Then you definately can place them on a selected interest list that fits the topic of the thing.
  • Another creative opt-in feature is using an opt-in bar or “toaster” pop-up bar that looks or pops up after a undeniable time period resembling 10 seconds. Don’t worry, you may always create a setting that makes this feature only appear once for individuals. You may insert text that asserts, “Is this your first time here? Register to get access to more articles like this.”
  • Place box ads that feature a download or video with a view to educate your readers and once they click, route them to an effortless squeeze page where they are able to get more info and register to receive specific topics.

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