Microsoft Changes Name of SkyDrive to OneDrive

Microsoft has announced the name change of its cloud service from SkyDrive to OneDrive . Ryan Gavin, General Manager of Consumer Apps & Services, made the announcement recently on the recent OneDrive Blog .

“Why OneDrive? We all know that increasingly you should have many devices on your life, but you really need only 1 place to your most critical stuff. One place for all your photos and videos. One place for all your documents. One place this is seamlessly connected across all of the devices you utilize. You desire OneDrive for everything to your life.”

Everybody knows though why it’s OneDrive. The corporate was forced to change the name of its cloud storage service after an indicator case with UK television broadcaster BSkyB . Up until many years ago, BSkyB was within the cloud storage business themselves, and so they sued Microsoft over the SkyDrive name (particularly, the “sky” a part of the name), claiming trademark infringement.

BSkyB won that case and Microsoft decided to rebrand the service, as opposed to wade through lengthy legal appeals. a distinct arrangement with BSkyB involving Microsoft’s XBox One will have factored into their considerations too. UK owners of XBox Possible access Sky’s channels via the game’s console, and there’s further tie-ins planned for the longer term.

It’s not clear whether there’ll be any significant service changes coming with the name change. Microsoft also hasn’t announced exactly when the name change will occur.

This isn’t the primary time Microsoft has run afoul of trademark infringement challenges. Its Windows 8 system was originally called Metro, and needed to be rebranded after a dispute by the German company Metro AG. And who knows? Maybe OneDrive must be changed again if anyone objects to using the word “one.” Gizmodo has made a list of possible companies who may object to Microsoft’s rebranding.

BSkyB has also not been afraid to defend its trademark before in another case. Back in 2012, Livescribe was forced to switch the name in their Sky Wifi Smartpen after the broadcasting company complained .

Since OneDrive just isn’t yet available, you will register your interest at the OneDrive webpage, and you’ll be notified when all systems are go. Meanwhile, SkyDrive will continue to work as usual.

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