No Matter How You Slice It, It’s All Marketing

New channels.  Updated tools. Social media standards. Television commercials and print advertising.  Regardless of the tool or the medium, it’s all marketing. The job is still the same – to get and keep attention. To establish and grow the relationship. To expose and increase the understanding of what you have and why it matters to your audience.

No Matter How You Slice It, Its All Marketing

It’s all marketing.

After reading Lisa Barone’s article about how email remains king for promotional messaging and reviewing the new survey from ExactTarget that she referenced, I am left with one key thought (the same one I had before reviewing the survey):

There is no marketing miracle. 

This is what I mean.  Launching a FaceBook page is not a marketing fix for your company – it’s just a first step, as is any other marketing medium.

According to the ExactTarget survey, email is the preferred channel for personal written communication as well as permission-based promotional messages. But you can’t just take that and run with it.

What age range do you serve? How is your message packaged and delivered? How urgent and how interesting is your message? All of these questions should impact your marketing behavior.

There is a place for email marketing, text messaging, post cards through the mail, Facebook Fan Pages and commercials. But ultimately it’s about the marketing mix based your audience and your message.

Quick Take Away

Email is far from dead. And while direct mail is not as popular as it used to be – it has its place. According to the survey email and direct mail may be a great way to:

  1. say “thank you”
  2. receive promotional messages
  3. ask for customer feedback via surveys, polls and questionnaires

At the end of the day, it’s always about focused effort. Instead of spreading yourself thin with a little bit of effort in every marketing outlet that you hear about, consider email marketing as a base for communicating with your customers and then add from there.

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Original source from Small Business Trends

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