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If you’ve a business with a web based presence, you could already use Pinterest to market your brand. The social site lets users “pin” images in their favorite things, however it could soon include Pinterest sponsored content too.

This will not be surprising to anyone who’s watched the advance of different significant social media properties through the years.

Facebook, Twitter and most recently LinkedIn have all moved to sponsored or promoted content models as at the least one potential method to ultimately monetize their operations. But Pinterest seems especially cautious about its monetizing strategy.

In a up to date post at the official Pinterest blog, company CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann tried to reassure users:

I know a number of you’ll be thinking, ‘Oh great…here come the banner ads.’ But we’re determined not to let that happen.

The video below explains how Pinterest works:

Pinterest Sponsored Pins: Tasteful, Transparent, Relevant

Instead, Silbermann promised users of the location any advertising can be tasteful, transparent and relevant. He also said Pinterest would take users’ feedback into consideration to enhance the promoted pins over the years.

To start, Silbermann says Pinterest will likely try some test pins within the site’s current search results and category feeds. But he stressed these promoted pins is not going to actually be sponsored by anyone. They may simply be tests to achieve some feedback from the community.

Silbermann explained one specific example of ways this could work will be promoting, say, a Batman costume under a look up the term “Halloween.”

The Importance of Transparency

Pinterest is maybe right to be careful. Last year, the company’s experiments with Skimlinks , an affiliate linking service, caused slightly a stir. Enough in order that Silbermann took time to clarify the company’s position and add some new disclosure language to the Pinterest site.

The lesson is a superb one for all small businesses. Many comments on Silbermann’s latest post were supportive of the site’s have to eventually advertise.

The important thing is to be transparent with customers about what you’re doing and why.

The prospect of Pinterest sponsored pins also raises important opportunities for businesses already using the positioning for marketing. It will be significant for those businesses to maintain watching as Pinterest ventures into the realm of paid content.

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