Search Giant Shuts Down Ads, Review Site Gets Messaging


Microsoft Puts Brakes on Bing Ads Express . Bing is outwardly putting the breaks on its Bing Ads Express service launched in October of 2013. Microsoft, which owns Bing, had apparently hoped the service would attract small local businesses especially. But apparently, there haven’t been enough takers.

Yelp Will Let Your Customers Message You . For small businesses, including people with a brick and mortar presence, handling customer feedback is attending to be a 24 hour, 7 day per week job. Gazing sites like Yelp alone, you’ve got regular customer reviews good and bad to watch and reply to. There’s also the chance for purchasers to upload photos (and more recently even Yelp video) of your corporation.

Pinterest Introduces Faster Location-Based Search . Pinterest is introducing a faster location search to make better use of a few of the site’s other location-based features. The social pinning site introduced Place Pins about six months ago, letting people pin their favorite travel destinations, local guides and locations.

HubSpot’s Timothy Dearlove On Why Content Marketing Isn’t A Shortcut . Timothy Dearlove is a Senior Channel Consultant at HubSpot. Recently, Tim shared his inbound content marketing perspectives with Small Business Trends, concentrating on how inbound success could make good marketing campaigns awesome and why content marketing isn’t a shortcut.

Payroll & Online Payment

Two Year-Old ZenPayroll is Offering Time Tracking Features . Two-year-old ZenPayroll has added time tracking to its other features. The corporate says it’s portion of an ongoing effort to simplify the payroll process, especially for small businesses. ZenPayroll already claims the method of installing payroll on its system takes only minutes.

Send Money With no Dwolla Account With New Dwolla Direct . First, Dwolla simplified the B2B payment process. In place of the nearly 3% transaction fee charged by some digital transaction services, Dwolla charges only one fee. Most transactions are 25 cents. (And transactions of under $10 are free.) Now the corporate says it’s attempting to eliminate the barriers preventing your customers from with the ability to easily pay you this manner.


Microsoft Exchange Down for Nine Hours . For all their benefits in making small businesses more cost efficient and competitive, there are, after all , negatives to cloud services too. When a cloud service is interrupted for any reason, those counting on the service are without recourse until that is up and running again. That’s what apparently happened to an undetermined variety of Microsoft Exchange customers this week.

PNC Bank Introduces Mobile Payments From Pogo . Taking mobile payments on a tablet or phone is a hot niche for small business merchants. It’s the style lots of small businesses prefer to do business nowadays. One advantage is evident. Mobile device in hand, you may accept mastercard payments wherever you can be.


A Review of Optimizing AdSense, a Google Training Program . Do you publish an internet site or blog that you just monetize using Google AdSense? Then Google has a self-help training course only for you.

New PayPal PassPort Website is Your Portal to Global Sales . We hear it a lot it’s become cliché by now – we are living in a “global society” with a “global economy” and a “global marketplace” that’s at everyone’s fingertips via the web. But actually, it’s the ‘big guys’ who’re participating globally (and reaping the advantages).

0 Constant Contact Launches Startup Accelerator 0 . Do you’ve a startup that serves other small businesses with a services or products? Do you want that startup to grow? Then you definately could be attracted to applying to Constant Contact’s 4-month startup accelerator program.

1 Liber8Me Teaches Lessons From a Veteran Entrepreneur 1 . Laura Humphreys can have started her career as a secretary in an ad agency. But thus far she has started three successful businesses and sold two. Her latest venture, Liber8Me attempts to assist others learn from her experience and visualize their businesses in a complete new way.

Startup Stories

2 Entrepreneurs Create the World’s First Soda Can Watch 2 . The Can Watch S is a completely unique way to recycling. Rather than treating old soda cans as junk, these entrepreneurs have used them to create an eye that truly functions as a manner accessory. Alchemist Designs, the corporate behind the watch, is making an attempt to lift $20,000 on Kickstarter to place it into production.

3 Ways to Turn a Love of style Right into a $700,000 a Year PR Firm 3 . Starting a public relations agency isn’t necessarily essentially the mostsome of the most traditional route to find work within the fashion industry. But a love for art and fashion eventually led Katherine Niefeld to do exactly that – and it allowed her to achieve her dream of working in fashion.

Online Sales

4 Don’t Would like to Sell Your individual Stuff? eBay Valet Will Do It 4 ! It’s finally happened! If you’re an eBay seller but now not cope with the…uh, selling part…now you may outsource that too. a brand new app, eBay Valet, and the service it supports, are the same as a web version of an eBay consignment store. You download the app and take a photograph of the thing or items you need to sell.

Social Media

5 Twitter Tries Retweet With More space for Comments 5 . Have you desired to touch upon a retweet? You could, for sure, but provided that the tweet is brief enough. On the net, your best choice is to repeat the tweet it’s essential to touch upon. (It should be much shorter than 140 characters to even do that.) Then you definately open a brand new tweet box and paste the tweet in it.


6 What’s the Best Country on the earth for ladies Entrepreneurs 6 ? In case you expected us to claim anything rather than the U.S., well, you’d be wrong. a contemporary study shows women entrepreneurs within the U.S. have the ideal chance of success. Other countries seen as favorable for ladies entrepreneurs include Australia inside the number 2 position, Sweden at number 3, France and Germany tied for the fourth and fifth positions and Chile taking on sixth place.

7 Average Sales Are Up At Non-Employer Firms 7 . In February, I wrote a post in regards to the downward trend in real sales on the average non-employer business – an organization with yearly sales of not less than $1,000, but no payroll – because the late 1990s. In it, I predicted that the 2012 non-employer data would show a continued decline. I’m happy to report that my prediction was wrong.


8 In the event you Ever Make a Counter Offer to an Employee 8 ? It’s no secret that competition for knowledgeable employees is heating up. Despite the economy’s ups and downs, the inside track is still full of reports that companies looking to hire can’t find qualified workers.

Technology Trends

9 Should What you are promoting Just Ignore These 7 Technologies 9 ? New technologies are released day-to-day. For those small business owners that experience shiny object syndromes (SOS), they are often hard to withstand. Many are pushed to thinking that during order to have a competitive edge, they have to offer their customers the newest technology.

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