Startup Success and Niche eCommerce Throughout the Health Care Industry

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The health care market is receiving increasing attention from entrepreneurs everywhere trying to improve a fancy field. Modern medicine continues to stand budget deficits and inferior technology in both developed and developing nations. Health care IT (Internet technology) has taken off within the previous few years. Also active is the sector of ecommerce — across every kind of niches, including health care.

eCommerce In the Ayurveda Health Care Niche

Nirogam , an Ayurvedic product e-retailer, finds itself competing in an already booming natural health market. Nirogam Founder, Puneet Aggarwal, was born into the merchant class in his native India. His father was an entrepreneur running a metal fabrication factory. After his graduation in 1988, Puneet followed his father’s lead and began a business. This primary venture, Ivycomm Systems, addressed a growing need for online presence as India started to adopt the net.

Puneet’s work introduced him to investigate scientist Dr. Pushpa Khanna, who had recently discovered an insulin-like substance in plant form. As her new website gained traction, Dr. Khanna developed an oral tablet of the substance often called Gourdin. She then asked for Puneet’s assistance in selling it online. His initial outreach to people who had shown past interest was immediately successful. Taking a cue from their first product, by 2002 the 2 had expanded their offering to ten herbal products.

This shift toward all natural health solutions relies on an ancient Indian system referred to as Ayurveda, a system of different medicine emphasizing natural methods of healing and good nutrition.

There is a robust bias within U.S. and U.K. regulatory authorities favoring conventional pharmaceuticals over holistic medicine. This strongly affects sales and addressable market, despite the growing acclaim for Ayurveda inside the Western world, especially in places like California. In India, after all , Ayurveda is a known and highly respected science with a great number of existing brands offering products across various categories.

Nirogam is meant to teach patients regarding alternatives to fashionable drugs, and to give a resource for those seeking a holistic option. As well as natural wellness products, Nirogam offers herbal supplements, organic foods and natural cosmetics. The positioning is designed as a discovery platform, unlike the marketplaces of close competitors HealthKart, NaturalMantra and Satvikshop. This model captures a much broader audience.

As many potential buyers are unfamiliar with the solutions offered, Nirogam offers an informative guide in accordance with known symptoms. Nirogam also has an active social media presence and give a forum for relevant medical discussion on their company blog.

It’s a Family Affair

The business is a family affair, and Puneet often seeks business advice from his mentor and father Satish. In turn, Satish have to be happy with his son. Nirogam’s annual revenues are nearing half 1,000,000 dollars, with a monthly growth rate of 15 percent.

Puneet plans to expand to additional niche markets in health care. New websites will follow the present model, providing comprehensive diagnostic information in addition to a community and commerce.

Back in 2007, I published my formula for web 3.0 — an integrated user experience that’s context-specific and brings content, commerce and community together, alongside vertical search and personalization. Nirogam has brought together, inside the context of Ayurvedic medicine, most of these elements.

In the long run, personalized diagnosis can be a service to feature to the roster. Conceivably, somewhere down the road, you can still be dialing right into a video-conference with an Ayurveda doctor in Kerala to get a customised consultation for that pain on your upper back. If you’re desirous about exploring the traditional science of Ayurvedic medicine, Nirogam is worth a glance.

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