Tech Thursday (9/19): News from Ordoro and Magento, AtTask and TripIt

It’s Tech Thursday from Each week we take a brief take a look at business and technology news and updates for the small business community and share them with you in a short and easy round-up.

Ordoro Inventory Management Platform Integrates With Magento

Ordoro integrates with Magento to bring smart shipping and inventory management to retailers

AUSTIN, Texas,  – Ordoro , the leading shipping and inventory management platform for small retailers, today launched their integration with the Magento ecommerce platform. With this integration, Ordoro has expanded its reach to the 150,000+ small businesses that sell products online through Magento’s ecommerce storefront, and brings smart shipping and inventory management capabilities to these businesses.

“Ordoro’s Magento integration is a dream come true for Magento Admins. We replaced our enterprise level software and switched to Ordoro and are saving $12,000 a year. We have got done this while increasing our efficiency ten-fold,” says David Perelman, CEO of, an ecommerce retailer that specializes in speciality wines. Ordoro keeps a correct count of the retailer’s physical inventory and enables cost-effective shipping through its partnership with Fedex, UPS and USPS.

Till recently, the ecommerce back-end space was dominated by large players like NetSuite that supply an all-encompassing ERP method to back-office. Startups like Ordoro are shaking up this space by offering easy to exploit web software with reduced complexity at a miles discount point. Because the ecommerce segment continues to grow, we will expect more innovation and investment during this space from companies like Ordoro.

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Next Generation of Document Work Now Available within the AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud

AtTask Documents is a single strategy to create, collaborate, and manage documents

Enterprise teams – comparable to marketing, IT, HR, finance, and others – waste time and resources inefficiently managing the creation of documents and digital assets from starting to end. Disparate tools, email, and conventional approaches set off lost requests, unrealistic commitments, disconnected collaboration, overlapping feedback, time-consuming approvals, limited distribution, and missed deadlines. This causes a vital lack of team productivity, department credibility, and executive visibility.

The new AtTask Documents enables teams to administer the top-to-end document lifecycle within a single tool, eliminating the desire for dozens of tools for numerous document needs. These lifecycle capabilities include:

  • Organize & Visualize- Documents is additionally organized, and accessed in a central location. Each team member can view documents and digital assets the style that matters most to them through customized tags and filters in AtTask SmartFolder.
  • Collaborate & Share- Collaborate and share work together with your team, external stakeholders or any third-party contributors, keeping all discussions, questions, comments and versions inside the context of the document throughout its lifecycle.
  • Proof & Review- Provide inline feedback and comments on visual assets through a digital proof this is automatically generated when a digital asset is uploaded. Allow third parties, along with clients, to study, comment, approve or reject digital files.
  • Approve & Distribute- Easily manage, trigger, and track approval processes. Approvers have a single place to access all approvals, with contextual access to the document collaboration stream, previous versions, and work details to make quick informed decisions.
  • Store & Reuse- Your documents and digital assets may be stored directly in AtTask, and/or on your cloud storage provider, akin to Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive. AtTask maintains context and history, which makes discovery, access, and reuse easy no matter where it’s stored, and eliminates lost and scattered assets.
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TripIt’s New Card View for iPhone Displays Travelers’ Relevant Information on the Right Time Through the Trip

Flatter design now presents active itinerary items upfront, offers a higher TripIt Pro alerts center, and uses Google Maps for directions

SAN FRANCISCO,  – TripIt , the leading mobile travel organizer from Concur  , now incorporates a new, card-centric design for its iPhone app, which displays one of the most relevant trip information right when travelers need it.

Upgraded with a flatter design, the hot TripIt for iPhone allows travelers to view itinerary items by swiping fluidly between cards, and to leap back to the principle TripIt dashboard with only 1 click.

Additional updates to TripIt for iPhone include Google Maps because the default client for maps and instructions, and streamlined, easier-to-read notifications within the TripIt Pro alerts center. A pairing with the iPhone’s gyroscope also introduces playful touches like gently drifting clouds that respond when the device is tilted.

“The new card view layers on a more contextual experience for travelers,” says Rich Adams, head of mobile for TripIt. “Open the TripIt app, and you’ll see flight and gate details to steer you within the airport; hotel directions and rental car confirmation then appear after landing. By anticipating what information a user must access, TripIt is now much more helpful to travelers.”

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