Three Software Solutions That Put Your Desktop within the Cloud

Imagine having your desktop safely stored within the Cloud. Irrespective of where you log in, your icons, wallpaper, and files are all exactly where you would like them. Now not must you worry about backing up files or restoring everything following a troublesome drive crash. It’s all there, accessible from any web browser.

Storing a desktop within the Cloud is nothing new to businesses. However, HTML5 has made it easier for purchasers to access a desktop through a browser using a good selection of devices. This technology is in high demand from users gravitating toward tablets and smartphones instead for PCs and laptops. Such a lot of providers are offering this service to small businesses, it’s easy to get caught up wherein service is healthier for you. Listed here are a couple of options that will help you decide:

  • Mikogo Cloud Desktop. Besides putting in server space inside the cloud for his or her permanent workers, businesses also can rent space for contractors, interns, and other short-term workers. Along with desktop storage, Mikogo adds at the ability to host meetings on allotted Cloud space, sharing the very screen space you’re storing at the Cloud. Mikogo is inside the strategy of rolling out this service, so no pricing is presently available, but a free demo account is currently available by completing the shape at .
  • Nivio. Nivio has plans that come with Microsoft Office licensing and pre-made desktops. You may as well rent software and apps. You just log in and a desktop is decided up for you. Simply log into the location using any device and you’ll have a desktop so one can always be available to you. Prices start at $35 per user monthly ($50 per thirty days if Microsoft Office is included) and include a Windows desktop, user management, a virtual file server, 10GB of storage per user, and comprehensive support.
  • Cloud My Office. Cloud My Office gives users an administrator panel by which they are able to add applications and customize their desktop to appear as they like. Once created, users can access their desktop using any device with an internet connection, including Android- and iOS-based tablets and smartphones. Pricing begins at $35.97 per user per 30 days for plans that don’t include Microsoft Office licenses or $46.28 for plans that do.

There are a number of benefits to having a Cloud-based desktop, including freedom from viruses and spyware. Small businesses may be able to economize on purchasing servers, PCs, and tech staff to support them-all of that are a challenge for tight-budgeted businesses. Plus, because these services offer top-level security, you won’t ought to worry about losing files by carrying them around on external hard drives.

Small businesses can be the various earliest adapters of Cloud-based desktops, with many unable to afford in-house servers. Cloud solutions provide the chance to use mobile device features without being tied to a laptop or PC to accommodate a chief desktop. By checking out among the above options, you are able to determine whether a Cloud-based solution is true for your entire employees.

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