What Makes You Stand Out When Job Hunting?

“You ought to become a premium item in a generic market.” ~ Tom Hopkins

This is considered one of my favorite quotes from world renown motivational speaker Tom Hopkins, that has guided and motivated me over my career.

Millions of american citizens are currently unemployed , which makes the job environment very competitive. But now’s also essentially the mostsome of the most optimistic, opportune time to alter or find work since 2010.

So how do you become perceived as, and known for, being a premium item in a generic market?

Below are some significant statistics that show the significance of developing your in-person networking skills, social media footprint and using social recruitment when job hunting:

  • 21% of full time employees plan to  change jobs .
  • 92% of employers are using social media for hiring.
  • 73% of employers have successfully hired a candidate through social media.

One of probably the most interesting statistics is 29% of surveyed hiring managers found something positive on a profile that drove them to present the candidate a role. So, more proof that your social media platforms are branding opportunities which are being monitored and used to qualify people and do impact being noticed and hired.

Here are some things which may let you stand out when job hunting, that are meant to be obvious and customary sense to most job seekers but a reminder is usually good.

Right Job, Right Fit, Right Culture

Your best approach and mindset going into your job search must be to move for and find the appropriate job, right fit and right culture. Bring your entire relevance and price to the method, employer and workplace.

This ensures ultimate job satisfaction and longevity and that you’ll be an excellent hire for a corporation.

Update Your Professional Image

Make sure you’ve a current, professional and appropriate headshot. Be certain your professional image conveys who you’re and the way it’s essential to be perceived.

No flip flops, crinkled and tight clothes, low necklines or bad grooming.

Tell Your Career Story

Create a functional resume that tells your career story, accomplishments and achievements more personally rather than a protracted list vertical bullet points.

Use your first person “I” voice for your LinkedIn profile .

Be Mindful of Your Social Media Footprint and Social Recruitment

Take your social media footprint, technology savvy and social recruitment very seriously. Presenting both your hard and soft skills could be very effective on social media and there are jobs which can be posted only on social networks between connections that aren’t on job boards.

If you’re not engaging  – you won’t see them.

Network in Person

Blend your online and in-person networking. Get out and meet people through chambers, meet ups, professional organizations and referrals.

Nothing replaces face-to-face time with the suitable people to build your likeability so you are more memorable.

Convey Clearly What You Do

Prepare a concise, articulate branding statement, when someone asks you, “What do you do?” Be specific and concentrate on one or two belongings you want people to keep in mind about you. This is a  “door opener.”

In today’s competitive job environment it’s a must to have every advantage you may on your arsenal to face out and get noticed. So take the initiative and responsibility on your career development, direction and job search.

Get prepared, be professional and stay laser involved in moving yourself and your career within the direction you desire it to head.

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