Why You must Target Moms When Marketing Content

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Consider This Equation When Creating and Marketing Content

Content + Social Media + Moms = Free Advertising.

Okay, maybe not free, because you need to pay for the content production and the time your social media strategist spends at the campaign, but that’s the main points.

There’s a gigantic network of moms on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter who would like to share details about your business. So when marketing content, begin producing content targeted toward them and they’ll begin sharing it.

Why When you Target Moms When Marketing Content

Generation Y moms (a.k.a. “Millennials”) make up a large part of social network users and bloggers. Three in four moms use Facebook at the least monthly, one in two moms use their smartphones to access social networks (in comparison to 37% for the non-mom population) and one in every three blogs is written by a mom.

That’s all well and good, but that doesn’t reveal anything about real ROI (return on investment) relating to targeting moms .

Consider this: Half those moms make recommendations a couple of brand or share brand-related content each day. Over three quarters of them follow a minimum of one brand and over 90% of them say that they’re influenced by other moms’ recommendations (including shared content).

There’s one more little mom statistic that certainly shouldn’t be ignored: Women, lots of them moms, make upwards of 80% of purchase decisions inside the United states of america.

Where Content Comes In

In order a good way to make the most that vast ring of moms comparing and talking about different services, you should produce content for them to share. I’m not talking about some cutesy ads with moms and youngsters being sentimental about family time—I’m talking serious content.

Moms want information  when it involves products. They need such things as descriptions of multiple functionalities and contours. They need to grasp how a product may be useful to them, in real life. They need to understand how a product will face up to use, and that they need to know if a service is well worth the money (hence the numerous, many blogs devoted to moms’ reviews of goods and services).

Does that sound like content marketing to you It sure appears like content marketing to me.

Pulling All of it Together

Really reaching the mom demographic requires two things:

  • Interesting, relevant and informative content.
  • Expert social media strategy.

With these two marketing aspects combined, you are able to harness the ability of moms and gain huge exposure some of the group of people that make more purchasing decisions than every other group obtainable.

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