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In March, YouTube hit 1 billion unique visitors per 30 days , meaning its vast audience includes about 15 percent of the folk on this planet.

It’s a major audience — and that makes us consider how small businesses can use YouTube for marketing.

Here is recent YouTube news you’ll like to stay alongside of as a way to better use YouTube in your business.

YouTube now has similar size audience as Facebook ~ Business Insider

So, YouTube has reached 1 billion monthly unique visitors. That offers YouTube a comparable size audience with Facebook. In case you already use Facebook to interact with customers, try to be aware that for the primary time another network has an equal reach so far as visitors.

YouTube official blog touts size, advertiser appeal  ~ The Official YouTube Blog

And the rush by social media sites to get advertising dollars continues…. YouTube apparently apparently feels under-appreciated, and desires you to grasp that its audience is greater than only a bunch of people that watch funny cat videos. On its official blog it points out that every one of the Ad Age Top 100 brands are currently running ad campaigns on YouTube. And that, “If YouTube were a rustic, we’d be the third largest on the earth after China and India.”  Got it?

Tips for using YouTube’s new One Channel redesign  ~ Search Engine Watch

From the times of early email marketing, online businesses have thinking about the worth of creating a listing of faithful subscribers. Those subscribers then become potential customers and clients. YouTube’s new One Channel design makes a speciality of subscribing to favorite video channels versus randomly watching popular individual videos. This newsletter offers tips for migrating to the hot YouTube One Channel approach.

Celebrities like Psy continue to move viral ~ Manhattan Daily News

South Korean rapper Psy’s followup to his popular Gangnam Style video racked up 82 million views as of this week. Twenty million of these were within the first 24 hours. That’s better than Justin Bieber’s latest record. While the average small business couldn’t dream of these numbers of views — still it proves the viral video is alive and thriving. On a more modest scale, you’re able to gain interest with a top quality video that gets even a fragment of these numbers.

April Fool’s gag demonstrates live streaming potential   ~ YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube recently demonstrated using its streaming video feature to construct both brand awareness and engagement with an elaborate April Fool’s video presentation. The gag awards broadcast generated greater than 400,000 comments, greater than 50,000 new channel subscribers, and greater than 500,000 unique views. Again, as a small business those forms of huge metrics could also be out of reach — but even modest live streaming numbers could support your marketing.

New version of YouTube app for iPhone users  ~ Small Business Trends

A recent update of the YouTube iOS app will allow iPhone users to view the brand new streaming video feature on their mobile devices. The update means more iPhone users on YouTube, and naturally, a potentially bigger audience in your channel and for streaming videos you create to your brand. With growing mobile use and the recognition of the iPhone, this gives much more opportunities to achieve your audience.

Gary Vaynerchuk predicts various growth ahead ~ New Media Rockstars

You could be reading a lot of these big numbers and feeling slightly inadequate. Perhaps you haven’t gotten occupied with posting online video in your business on YouTube. Perhaps you haven’t yet had a big gamble to share a number of those videos via social media or for your website. But entrepreneur and celebrity wineseller Gary Vaynerchuck, a significant YouTube user, says there’s still time to get entangled. Vaynerchuck predicts numerous growth ahead and opportunities for businesses to take advantage of YouTube for marketing.

Now you can connect Google+ in your YouTube channel ~ Tech 2

You can now make your YouTube channel much more social. Google allows users to feature a Google+ account to their YouTube channel. The brand new feature allows brands so as to add much more social engagement to their video channel, however also lets them create much more potential crossover between Google+ followers and YouTube subscribers.

YouTube ecosystem: companies like Pixability get funding to expand video services ~ Boston Business Journal

Like most large platforms, YouTube has developed a surrounding ecosystem of smaller companies and startups that supply services to aid businesses use YouTube.  Cambridge-based Pixability is one such example. The corporate just raised $4.1 million in funding for its YouTube-related services.

0 Yahoo in talks to accumulate YouTube competitor, Daily Motion 0  ~ Fox Business

If you continue to need convincing in regards to the power of video, just seriously look into Yahoo’s bid to obtain YouTube rival Daily Motion.  Former Googler and now Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer wouldn’t have an interest in acquiring a video competitor if video wasn’t important to the longer term.

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